April 1, 1915

Two Women and a Man

The Last Ally

The Jade God

Two Women and a Man 1617

Two Women and a Man

EVERYday women never fire the imagination; they are bounded by their environment, domesticity, weakness, or worse —their strongminde dness. No romantic glamor ever throws its elusive halo round them; their thoughts and actions are as obvious as their choice of hats is a foregone conclusion.
The Last Ally 1011

The Last Ally

A Story of the War
The Jade God 3233

The Jade God

Anson Hogarth, Armchair Detective, Solves Another Mystery
The Confessions of Sir Horace Lazenby 2223

The Confessions of Sir Horace Lazenby

WHEN I was private secretary to old man Vandervort, the New York railway pioneer, I wore elaborate contrivances for holding up my socks, hose-supporters. When I woke up in the fo’csle of the Golden Queen the morning after my tipsy wanderings on the Jersey shore had ended in a blow over the head and the press gang of a “shanghai doctor,” I had no such luxuries.
What Canada Loses by Waste 2021

What Canada Loses by Waste

TO produce more by wasting less, is the moral that the writers hope will be taken from this article which simply cites a number of the outstanding forms of wastefulness, to be seen by anyone who has travelled about Canada, and exercised even moderately the ordinary faculty of observation.


AT his back was the mighty woodland of Marchevalle—terror-sown, for that far-off crashing of mailed feet through windrows of brush and fallen dry boughs was to him no vacant menace, like the mutters of coming rebellion which he had held so light.
At Flying Creek 3839

At Flying Creek

A Story of Adventure in Alaskan Gold Fields
The Latest Science—Housecraft 4243

The Latest Science—Housecraft

ACTION and being are forever acting and reacting upon one another, and it is not easy to trace the causes of any one effect. Nor is it safe to attribute to any one cause any one effect. And especially is this so if the effect be a world-movement.
At the Front With the Princess Pats 27

At the Front With the Princess Pats

THE Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry is a modern White Company, roving on that same soil that held its predecessor so many centuries ago. It is a reincarnation of the old spirit, but stirred this time to a nobler end and errand.
Providing for the Damaged Workman 1415

Providing for the Damaged Workman

An Explanation of the Workmen’s Compensation Act of Ontario
March 11915 May 11915