May 1, 1915

The Great Naval Secret: 3031

The Great Naval Secret:

PRAXELE’S came known invention throughout bethe length and breadth of the land, wherever newspapers circulated, as “The Great Naval Secret”; but it was a full month after Praxele’s visit to Washington that the papers got the first inkling of what had occurred.
The Last Ally 1617

The Last Ally

I CANNOT find words to thank you, Mr. Fenton,” said the Princess nervously clasping her hands together and, unconsciously, permitting them to rest on his arm. “Your news is disquieting, although I have feared for the safety of the Prince, my father, ever since war broke out.
A Town in Tethers: 12

A Town in Tethers:

The Life Day by Day in the Penitentiary at Kingston
Automobiles on Small Incomes 1415

Automobiles on Small Incomes

A MOTORIST of some considerable experience was sitting on the verandah of a hotel in Eastern Ontario one summer evening, not so many years ago when his attention was arrested by the arrival in front of the hotel of a brand new touring car, at the wheel of which sat a city acquaintance.
Her Ladyship's Ancestors 4647

Her Ladyship's Ancestors

A Story of the Mysterious Theft of a Priceless Portrait
The Career of Haultain 3233

The Career of Haultain

A Sketch of One of the Most Striking Per sonalities of the West
The Confessions of Sir Horace Lazenby 4041

The Confessions of Sir Horace Lazenby

THREE black-haired, men and dark-eyed one woman, woman a tall with browned, weather-beaten skin and lines etched in the outer corners of her eyes, from much squinting into sun and wind, stood on the end of a quay and alternately argued among themselves and pointed outward across the harbor.
Gentlemen: A Story of the Road 2223

Gentlemen: A Story of the Road

Two gen tlemen of the road slouched along the slimy ties in the di rection of the water tank. An all-day r a i n had given place at dusk to a searching wind, and the men bent into i t, shoulders humped, hands driven deep in pockets, silent ly. Now and again its shrill scream drop ped to a low whine above which could presently b e heard the steady drip of water.
Opening Up The North Land 2021

Opening Up The North Land

CANADA’S back door is ajar; next year it will be swung open, it is said, ere the 1916 wheat crop is ready to pass out. Afterwards, what?' That there will be an influx of people and imports through this new gateway of commerce to western Canada is certain; that a very great change will consequently result in transportation between the Mother Country and the Canadian West, and vice versa, is equally certain.
The Business Outlook 9697

The Business Outlook

Money Piling Up in the Banks Will Not Long Remain Idle
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