July 1, 1915

The Last Ally

Road and Rail in Modern War

Bargain Day in the Building Mart

The Last Ally 2223

The Last Ally

FENTON had recognized the possibilities of a popular demonstration for General Pau; but if he had known how far public feeling would be aroused, he undoubtedly would have hesitated before suggesting that capital be made out of the timely visit of the French hero.
Road and Rail in Modern War 102103

Road and Rail in Modern War

THE deciding factor in warfare, other things being equal, is numbers. Every general aims at putting in the field the greatest possible number of men, and it is to this end that modern systems of national service or conscription have been introduced.
Bargain Day in the Building Mart 1415

Bargain Day in the Building Mart

THE managing director threw down the paper he had been reading and, reaching under the desk, pressed a button that brought his secretary quickly into the room. “What’s the state of the plans for that addition to Warehouse D?” he demanded.
The Romance of an Old Blue Coat 4647

The Romance of an Old Blue Coat

AN ideal story-book sort of an attic room, the regulation old furniture, really colonial this time, old dishes, old trunks and boxes, shrubbery cobwebs, bunches of sweet herbs hanging from rafters, the unavoidable slant roof and a western gable window through which the riot of rose and gold sunset coaxed the shadows from the farthest corners; or more probably they preened themselves like an amorous red-bird in artful endeavor to attract the attention of the too absorbed maiden sitting tailorwise on the somewhat dusty floor before an open ancient box, a faded blue coat hanging half in the trunk half in her lap; her elbows propped one on each knee, her chin buried in her hands, and in her eyes dreams—worlds of dreams.
Our Mountain Heritage 2627

Our Mountain Heritage

EUROPE will never be the same. Little Switzerland, in spite of her neutrality, will never be quite the same. It is certain that for many a year bookings for the pleasure resorts of the Old World will be secured with some misgivings. The experiences of the month of August in the year 1914 will not soon be effaced from the memories of those who were unfortunate enough to be overtaken by the war on the soil of continental Europe.
The Confessions of Sir Horace Lazenby 3031

The Confessions of Sir Horace Lazenby

THERE is a quiet beauty about the Dundas road even to this day when they have paved it for automobiles and turned some of the oldest farms into gentlemen’s “estates.” I walked far beyond what is now a fashionable golf links overlooking the Humber River, and beyond the Etobicoke which in those days was a real river with trout in it.
The Library of Parliament 3435

The Library of Parliament

The First of a Series of Articles on National Institutions
The Lost Year 4243

The Lost Year

ON the morning of July 25,1911, Alfred Aylesworth’s servant placed the London Times of July 25, 1910, beside his master’s plate and turned to the next room to summon him to breakfast. Aylesworth opened the paper before he turned to his tea and toast and then divided his time equally between the two.
Saving Lives on Wholesale Plan 2021

Saving Lives on Wholesale Plan

How Toronto Has Been Made the Healthiest of Large Cities
Causes and Meaning of German Hate 5657

Causes and Meaning of German Hate

GERMAN hatred of England is preeminently collective; it is a national passion cherished by all sections of the German people and apparently by almost every member, and directed against England as a nation. Such a collective hate can hardly arise without some sense of real injury, but it is more liable to depend on imagined injury than individual hate through the contagion of suggestion.
Putting the Poorhouse Out of Business 67

Putting the Poorhouse Out of Business

IN the office of the Superintendent of Annuities, an Ottawa merchant poised himself excitedly on the chair-edge and laid down this manifesto: “Kindly blanket every clerk in my employ against old age. Not to-morrow nor next week, but within thirty minutes.
Free Service or Conscription 5051

Free Service or Conscription

THE question of conscription has become suddenly acute. If there is need for it that need has never been so great as at this time. If it be a mistaken policy never was such an opportunity to prove it so. Great thinkers, experts and writers have ranged themselves on either side and spilt ink for years over this all-important matter.
Tain’t Enough 1011

Tain’t Enough

THERE’S crookedness in every sport and sometimes you find it in lacrosse. But let me tell you this: I played the game myself for twelve years and for ten more I’ve been managing and training teams and though I’ve found things put over that wasn’t strictly on the level, it hasn’t occurred often.
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