August 1, 1915

The Last Ally: 3031

The Last Ally:

SYNOPSIS.—Donald Fenton, a young Canadian, was traveling in Europe when the tear broke out. He was enjoying the luxury of unlimited means, and the transition from the position of newspaper reporter and real estate salesman in Montreal to a millionaire touring the Continent, was still novel.
Victor From Vanquished Issues 1617

Victor From Vanquished Issues

IT was not until Stephen St. John rose to announce his text that he saw Judith Allen. He had never seen her before, but he knew there could be only one woman in Lynndale answering to the description of the stranger in the Blakeley pew. He squared his shoulders involuntarily.
The Gate on Papa Chrom: 1011

The Gate on Papa Chrom:

How Sub-Lieutenant Foster Discovered a Submarine Base
The Confessions of Sir Horace Lazenby 4243

The Confessions of Sir Horace Lazenby

SYNOPSIS.—Sir Horace Lazenby has been acquitted in court on a charge of trust making. He decides to take a holiday to get away incognito for a long-needed rest. This holiday he uses for the writing of an autobiography, telling his life story from the beginning, with the idea of justifying his operations in the realms of high finance.
How I Escaped from Germany 67

How I Escaped from Germany

SINCE the year 1907, I had lived in Berlin and had filled many engagements in different opera houses in Germany; singing in Wagnerian roles. On the fifteenth of June last year I entered upon an engagement with the Summer Opera in Berlin. Wagner’s Ring was to have been produced fifteen times.
Lowering the Cost of Life-Saving 1415

Lowering the Cost of Life-Saving

THIS is the story of an achievement, an achievement which will mean life and health to many, many Canadian children. It is the tale of how a great life-saving product came to be made by a university—an institution whose usual business, as everyone knows is to develop the youthful mind.
Ringers Three: 3637

Ringers Three:

IT was a hot August afternoon after a strenuous practice in the sun that Dick Darrell formerly of the Montreal Shamrocks and now one of the brightest lights in the Blankford allstar team, approached Jack Sprout, who held the joint position of manager and trainer.
Explorer Robert Campbell 2627

Explorer Robert Campbell

PRINCE RUPERT, that dashing soldier of fortune and buccaneer on the high seas, whose name is commemorated in the Western tex-minus of our Grand Trunk Pacific did a remarkable day’s business when, in 1670, he induced Charles II. to give him and his seventeen associates, control over most of the North American continent.
The Story of the Hurons: 4041

The Story of the Hurons:

THE beginnings of Canadian history are interwoven in the most intimate way with the efforts of the monarchy and nobility of France and the Church of Rome to graft upon the new world a system which in the old had brought corruption, strife, warfare and suffering.
The Forests and the Fire-Thief 2021

The Forests and the Fire-Thief

"A SETTLER on one of our limits,” remarked Senator W. C. Edwards, of Ottawa, during a debate on the mischief of forest fires, “set ablaze a piece of woods to clear his ground for five bushels of potatoes. Five bushels of potatoes, mark you! And before his fire got itself stopped, he had burned down three million dollars’ worth of pine.”
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