September 1, 1915

The Last Ally 4243

The Last Ally

WITH an air of complete assurance, Miridoff drew a chair up close, and sat down. “I can now see that your abduction was a mistake,” he went on. “At least, it has been found unnecessary from a purely political standpoint. The advantage we thought to gain by getting you into our power was, of course, to hold you as a hostage against the continued activity of your august father.
The Lot of the Schoolmaster 1011

The Lot of the Schoolmaster

TEACHERS,” said the Minister of Education, swinging round in his chair, “are very cheap just now.” He looked at us fixedly. My colleague and I hung our heads. We realized that we had done a most impertinent thing in asking for a rise in salary.
The Confessions of Sir Horace Lazenby 3637

The Confessions of Sir Horace Lazenby

THE war was on with Aiken. Having bought out the other members of the Wholesale Guild, Aiken had secured majority control of the stock and was naturally in a position to place the orders for supplies with whatever firms he liked, chiefly his own.
The Impostors 3031

The Impostors

"I'D rather meet a nice man than see the Abbey,” Priscilla Warrington admitted to herself, as she whirled down Piccadilly in a hansom and eyed the passersby. The sentiment may have indicated low tastes; but it must be urged in extenuation that, during two months on the Continent, Priscilla had met many beautiful cathedrals, and no nice men.
Is the End of the War in Sight? 27

Is the End of the War in Sight?

FIRST of all, get the decks of your mind clear, so to speak, of the idea that all war orders from the United States are for the Allies. Up to the end of May, just as great war orders in proportion went to Germany and Austria and Turkey from the United States.
How I Escaped From Germany 2425

How I Escaped From Germany

People and Their Bank Accounts 3839

People and Their Bank Accounts

THEY were discussing the business and financial condition of the Dominion—a banker, a former large real estate operator and a wholesale merchant. “You can’t deny,” urged the real estate man, “that our savings deposits are showing a most satisfactory increase.
Year of Naval War 102103

Year of Naval War

How the British Fleet Has Shown Its Might.
Where a Man Can Hold Up His Head 1415

Where a Man Can Hold Up His Head

WHEN Jan Peeters first reached Pittsburg, he was dazed for a week; then settled down to his trade of glass blowing. And, because his mild, blue eye was steady and true, and the vast lungs of him under perfect and delicate control, he saved five thousand dollars in the first five years.
The Business Outlook 9697

The Business Outlook

Value of Canada’s Field Products Will this Year be $800,000,000
August 11915 October 11915