October 1, 1915

The Last Ally

The Next Man Up

The Years of the Wicked

The Last Ally 2425

The Last Ally

COMPLETING the sending of a final message, Crane suddenly sprang up from the instrument. Dragging her from her chair, he waltzed her around the room with the wildest delight, winding up the performance by lifting her bodily to a seat on the table.
The Next Man Up 1011

The Next Man Up

Prospective Successors to Posts of Authority in Big Canadian Business
The Years of the Wicked 1415

The Years of the Wicked

MISS HEPZIBAH’S bare foot took on the appearance of a white lily as it dipped cautiously into the shaft of moonlight. The shaft of moonlight streamed in between the cretonne curtains and came to rest in an irregular patch on the rag carpet beside the bed.
TRYST 3435


I SHALL always remember Bethune as a man who for a few years dwelt among us and then moved on and left behind him a fascination that drew our imagination to follow him and forecast, as it were, the ultimate haven of his so suddenly enfranchised spirit.
The Confessions of Sir Horace Lazenby 3031

The Confessions of Sir Horace Lazenby

ALL my resources had been strained by the position in which Aiken had forced me. In spite of the successful advertising campaign put on by our mills, and in spite of the fact that we were selling the better goods, Aiken’s control of the marketing machinery of the Wholesaler’s Guild cut down the volume of our orders to a point where we could barely meet our overhead expenses.
The Woman Question 7

The Woman Question

I WAS sitting the other day in what is called the Peacock Alley of one of our leading hotels, drinking tea with another thing like myself, a man. At the next table were a group of Superior Beings in silk, talking. I couldn’t help over-hearing what they said,—at least not when I held my head a little sideways.
The Business Outlook 8687

The Business Outlook

BUSINESS men during August, especially the early part, were somewhat disturbed with respect to the value of the pound sterling. There was ground for anxiety. If a Canadian sold to a miller in the United Kingdom 20 bushels of wheat for £5 the banker in Canada would only give the seller $23.50 for the £5, whereas when exchange is normal the seller would get $1 more or say $24.50.
Canada's Opportunity 3637

Canada's Opportunity

"DOLLAR EXCHANGE” was an expression unknown to the world year ago. Suddenly it has become a phrase of magic import in banking circles. Nor is it possible to exaggerate its significance. Dollar exchange means more than the erection of a Golden Calf for worship in Wall Street.
The New British Columbia 1819

The New British Columbia

THE building of a second transcontinental railroad across Canada was undertaken with the view of making competition in the business of carrying freight and passenger traffic. The opening of that second transcontinental highway, the Grand Trunk Pacific, for operation to the Pacific coast, last fall, has done more than create a new line of transportation through the mountains and the Middle West.
Character 4243


A RECENT analysis of newspaper advertising shows that eighty-eight per cent. of it is honest and legitimate, and only twelve per cent, suspicious or dishonest. “If this twelve per cent, of illegitimate advertising were eliminated,” says an advertising expert, “the newspapers would receive advertisements from all or most of the business men who do not now use their columns.
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