December 1, 1915



ALLAN BAIRD’S sensations on finding Hertha MacLure sitting beside an Indian wigwam, cuddling a sick little savage and talking of Jane Austen, differed slightly from those of the girl herself. To Allan there had been something mysterious as well as romantic in the strange meeting and, what was to him, the equally strange topic of their conversation.
Our Sprightly Greybeards 4041

Our Sprightly Greybeards

THERE are two spectacles at the opposite extremes of human endeavor that invariably attract public attention. One is the sight of a young man at the top of the ladder. The other that of an old man still engaged cheerfully and contentedly at his day’s work.
The Account of Antoine Chabot 1011

The Account of Antoine Chabot

A Story of Christmas in the Habitant Country


JUST before the letter was brought to me that evening I was watching the red November sunset from the library window. It was a stormy, unrestful sunset, gleaming angrily through the dark fir boughs that were now and again tossed suddenly and distressfully in a fitful gust of wind.
In the House of Rimmon 1617

In the House of Rimmon

LOOKING at the figures, Frank Brandon decided it had been wise, certainly more profitable, had he devoted his talents to the gentle art of brickmaking rather than the lean, if allegedly learned, profession of the law. All the morning he had pondered personal finance, to the annoying tinkle of his telephone bell.
The Peace Makers 67

The Peace Makers

“WAR,” said the Negro President of Haiti, “is a sad spectacle. It shames our polite civilization.” As he spoke he looked about him at the assembled company around the huge dinner table, glittering with cut glass and white linen, and brilliant with hot-house flowers.


MUSIC and war have been mixed up from the year one and centuries before it. In the old days there never was a real war without trumpets and timbrels and tocsins. In most modern wars of the British Empire the bagpipes have always been more useful in certain emergencies than rifles or artillery.
Inside Glimpses of German Propaganda 1415

Inside Glimpses of German Propaganda

An Authoritative Story of Underground Activities in the United States
What is an Internal Bath ? 8081

What is an Internal Bath ?

Much has been said and volumes have been written describing at length the many kinds of baths civilized man has indulged in from time to time. Every possible resource of the human mind has been brought into play to fashion new methods of bathing, but, strange as it may seem, the most important, as well as the most beneficial of all baths, the “Internal Bath,” has been given little thought.
One Thousand Per Cent—Net! 2829

One Thousand Per Cent—Net!

FINDLAY was about the only man in the town who did not reflect the prevailing excitement. He seemed to be too busy with his own duties to do more than smile with amusement, despite the fact that he had been booked by the committee to take a prominent part in the proceedings; as the company’s local representative this was to be expected.
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