October 1, 1916

Behind The Bolted Door? 2223

Behind The Bolted Door?

"WELL, Doctor,” asked Willings, “what now?” A question already asked and answered many times that week. Yet now no answer seemed humanly possible. But Laneham did answer. Even then he still lifted his face, four-square and unyieldingly, to all the powers of darkness.
The Anatomy of Love 3435

The Anatomy of Love

IT was not until the clear and coldly penetrating light of the following morning that Macraven fully realized how ignominiously he had failed in his efforts toward a disciplining of the airy and unchastened Sybil. It had been his intention to make no direct allusion to this failure, and the reasons thereof, but he felt that Anne would not be satisfied with silence.
What The Gods Send 1617

What The Gods Send

THE heart of the Algoma country is a region of solitude for the most part and Lockwood’s siding on the Canadian Midland Railway is nothing but a rusty switch between flag-stations. Freight van No. 13542, standing there by itself, had a lonesome look which was emphasized by the thin spiral of blue smoke that curled lazily from its tiny chimney and wandered upward against the dark background of spruce that clothed the neighboring hill to lose itself in the bright amber of the evening sky.
Ribbing Up The Liberal Party 67

Ribbing Up The Liberal Party

A Story of Inside Developments in Canadian National Politics
The School-boy of the Future 5455

The School-boy of the Future

The New System Encourages Initiative and Self Control, and Fits Him to he a Citizen.
Russian Hopes and Aims 4445

Russian Hopes and Aims

Why the Alliance With Russia in War Should Become an Alliance In Peace.
The American Elections and the Great War 1819

The American Elections and the Great War

ALL the world knows now that the United States declared for neutrality. The fame, or the infamy, of that declaration is likely to go down ,to posterity as the watchword of a dollar-glutted democracy that could not see that the fight was not Germany versus England, but despotism versus freedom, might versus right.
Is Permanent Peace Possible? 1213

Is Permanent Peace Possible?

IN the preceding part of this article I have discussed the problem of permanent peace as viewed in the light of the past. I endeavored to show that in earlier ages the war of tribe against tribe and the fight of man against man seemed a necessity of human destiny.
The Allies of the Future 3839

The Allies of the Future

Professor Hugo Muensterberg Hopes for an Alliance of Germany, Great Britain and the United States to Maintain World Peace at the End of the War,—-Has the Professor Overlooked Anything?
A Believer in Signs 2829

A Believer in Signs

SHE was a gentle little woman, with a sweet face and clear soft eyes. Meeting her casually, you would instantly have set her down as a good wife and mother—a person who had drifted, at an early age, into a quiet little backwater of domesticity, and there had remained, content to accept life as something placid and pleasant and free from complicated emotions.
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