March 1, 1917

Jordan is a Hard Road 2627

Jordan is a Hard Road

THEY said that he would yet return to the enticing dangers of crime, as a red man educated at Harvard or Oxford returned at last to the Sun Dance and the greasy-haired women of his tribe. But others again pointed to the fact that in his most criminal days he always carried and read his Bible, while never pretending to be anything but what he really was.
As the Twig is Bent 2223

As the Twig is Bent

How National Policies are Being Shaped—Recruiting, Munition Making, etc.
The Bigger They Are, the Harder They Fall 1415

The Bigger They Are, the Harder They Fall

An Amusing Story of Ranching Life in the Canadian West
Face Up 2021

Face Up

A Story of the Earlier Days in British Columbia
The Rabbit Revolution 1617

The Rabbit Revolution

THE SUN fell, like a golden orange, into the maw of the white-toothed Cordilleras. A night-mist, flat and sinuous; as a snake, crept along the low and alluvial shore-line. The sea, churned by the screw of the coaster, showed phosphorescent in the steamer’s wake.
Ten Million Dollars for the Asking 89

Ten Million Dollars for the Asking

An Offer to the Government of Canada
Jonathan and I 3637
Records of Success

Jonathan and I

SPRINGTIME is here, and the other day we, Jonathan and I, slipped away from the work-a-day world and lost ourselves from early morning until the little stars came out in a lilac and daffodil sky. “Once again, dearie,” smiled Jonathan at my gate, where the lilacs are budding and the long rows of jonquils are yellow at Caesar's gold, “once again.”
The Lion of Flanders 4041

The Lion of Flanders

The True History of the Slave Raids in Belgium.
The Guile of Ulysses 3233

The Guile of Ulysses

DEACON PULLEN was mad; in fact, he was mad clean through. As he drove up the broad driveway that circled in front of John Dalrymple's cottage, he was muttering to himself and his red whiskers seemed to be bristling with rage. He found old John sitting in an easy chair on the verandah and was so full of his grievance that he hardly took the trouble to be polite to the fine-looking old gentleman who rose somewhat stiffly to welcome him and invite him into the house.
The Village of Voiceless Men 2829

The Village of Voiceless Men

Something About the Strangest Industry in Canad
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