February 1, 1918

The Pawns Count

WOMEN and their WORK

Keeping a Baby Comfortable

In the Shadow of Old Creation

The Pawns Count 2829

The Pawns Count

A Story of Secret Service and the Great War
Keeping a Baby Comfortable 104105
WOMEN and their WORK

Keeping a Baby Comfortable

It Isn’t Likely That He Cries Through Contrariness or Even to Develop His Lungs—There’s a Reason
In the Shadow of Old Creation 1819

In the Shadow of Old Creation

UNDOUBTEDLY, Tibbit’s success in bringing criminals to justice lay in the fact that his appearance gave the direct lie to his wonderful prowess. Slender of form and mild of manner, with a plain, open face, which invited confidence, there was nothing in his personality to awaken suspicion in even the minds of the most wary; certainly not in that of his present companion and guide, Charlie Waters, who, while he inwardly believed the detective something more than he appeared to be outwardly, owned that whatever he was was his own business—and his only.
The Life After Death 5253

The Life After Death

Conan Doyle’s View of What is Beyond, Presenting All Details.
The Magic Makers 1415

The Magic Makers

A Story of Mystery and Adventure in Canada
Handling Our Naval Service 3233

Handling Our Naval Service

A Sketch of George J. Desbarats, C.M.G.
How to Settle the Irish Question 2223

How to Settle the Irish Question

And Our Imperial Problem
Women in Agriculture 108109
WOMEN and their WORK

Women in Agriculture

AS far back as the summer of 1915, and even before that, it became evident in Britain that the war was creating an artificial shortage of agricultural labor, and moreover, as men were drafted into the army and navy, and as greater areas of the world’s surface were drawn into the war zone, the need for greater production went side by side with a growing scarcity of workers.
Why We Are Losing the War 1011

Why We Are Losing the War

FAILURES and disappointments have been our experience during the past twelve months. War conditions are growing steadily worse. The general outlook to-day is just about as black as it can be. The greatest shock to our pride seems to be developing—a setback to the insane strategy forced upon our military by interfering politicians.
A Five-Year War 7475

A Five-Year War

A Summary of the Military Situation as it Stands Now.
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