December 1, 1918

The Strange Adventure the Dummy Chucker 4445

The Strange Adventure the Dummy Chucker

Another “Sleep Walker” Story
The Three Sapphires 3233

The Three Sapphires

A Story of Mystery and War Intrigue
The Bulb-Garden 4041

The Bulb-Garden

IT had been rather a tedious fortnight for Donald Bruce and his Catalan friend, Pablo Pajarillo, the “Little Bird,” while the French authorities investigated the Andorran frontier affair in which they had been concerned. The court had finished with them at last, and both the young Scot and the old Spaniard had been handsomely complimented on behalf of the Government upon the part they had played in a business which had resulted in the unearthing of a dastardly conspiracy to convey to German agents in Spain information as to the movements of Allied shipping in the southern French ports.
The Minx Goes to the Front 2425

The Minx Goes to the Front

A Story of the Reconquered Districts of France
Santa Claus in Petticoats 817

Santa Claus in Petticoats

CHRISTMAS was only five days away. The displays in the shopwindows announced the fact. In the marketplace were huge clumps of fir trees, waiting to be candled, bespangled, and ornamented with fruit the like of which no tree in a state of nature had ever borne.
Chronicles of the Klondyke 3839

Chronicles of the Klondyke

Some Reminiscences of the Great Gold Boom
An Unsolved Mystery 2021

An Unsolved Mystery

A Story of Warfare Under the Earth
The Rank and File 3031

The Rank and File

Just Members—and Their New Way of Thinking
The Christmas Season in Books 120121

The Christmas Season in Books

Brief Reviews of Some of the Best
Now That the War is Won 67

Now That the War is Won

A Discussion of Some of the Problems of Reconstruction
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