April 15, 1924


And They Thought He Was Yellow




New complications brought about by the "eternal feminine” face Grant Slattery as he sails from Monaco toward new adventure.
And They Thought He Was Yellow 1011

And They Thought He Was Yellow

PAT TREDWAY hadn’t particularly wanted to accept his invitation to the house party the Fleetwoods were giving for the Davis Cup matches, but he hadn’t known exactly how to refuse. One reason, of course, which he wasn’t keen about admitting to himself, was that Trudy Warriner was to be there, and chances to be with her, or even to see her, were not lightly to be thrown away.


Zonia had her own ideas, but they did not fit in, and this is the story of how she shaped her surroundings to that end. An interesting picture of new people and of new reactions


Out of the noisome bilges, out of the sweating hell of coal dust in the fire hole of the Paladin there sprang an unquenchable flame of manhood.
“You Ought To Be Thankful” 1819

“You Ought To Be Thankful”

OF COURSE men were thoughtless, they didn’t think, they didn’t understand, you knew that; you, as a woman, had to supply all the tact and coaxing and diplomacy, just “put up” with things and smile through them, above all, you must not be catty or nervy or snappy, or you become a shrew and a nagger, that bugbear of your sex....
“Playing the Game” to Banking Eminence 1213

“Playing the Game” to Banking Eminence

A man who earned his own living, unaided, since he was fourteen, must have qualities. Such a man is told of here, with instances that suggest the springs of character.
Varying Winds Blow at Ottawa 1617

Varying Winds Blow at Ottawa

IN THIS the fifth week of this session of Parliament that was to be notable for its liveliness it is sadly admitted that there are more exciting places than the Hill at Ottawa. The debate on the Speech from the Throne had all its old-time dullness.
Art and Decoration for Town and Country Homes 7273
Art and Decoration for Town and Country Homes

Art and Decoration for Town and Country Homes

Some Suggestions for the Garden
Ontario’s Debt Mounts Alarmingly 2223

Ontario’s Debt Mounts Alarmingly

AS THE penetrating searchlight is turned upon the extravagance of Dominion administrations, the excesses of some of the provinces are at the same time thrown into bold relief. Like father and son, Ontario with its Federal parent has been having a long and expensive “night out.”
Killing Business Adventure in Canada 2223

Killing Business Adventure in Canada

IT IS no mere coincidence that Sir Joseph Flavelle and Henry Ford disclosed, almost simultaneously, the iniquities of the income tax excesses. These two men are outstanding in their own countries. Henry Ford in the United States and Sir Joseph Flavelle in Canada represent, broadly, creative and compelling power behind national enterprise.
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