May 15, 1925

The Great Samara 2425

The Great Samara

GABRIEL SAMARA, dictator of Russia, had sent for her, and the Princess Catherine, some time known as Catherine Borans, typist of the stenographic Bureau of the Hotel Weltmore in New York, but, ever since Samara’s visit to New York, more than a year before, his secretary, was obeying his summons.
Phonetic Finance 1617

Phonetic Finance

STEWART OWEN swept the rotunda of the King James with his luminous, black eyes. The place buzzed like a beehive, the open space of the lounge above echoing back a heavy drone of amalgamated voices, for it was race week, and it had brought an influx of sporting gentlemen.
Love Makes Gamblers of Us All 1011

Love Makes Gamblers of Us All

LOW and sweet and infinitely beguiling with the stridencies of lusty young voices muted by distance, the familiar old air drifted up from the campus to where Larry Weston had achieved the solitude he sought. They were singing “Varsity Forever” and though the words were indistinguishable to his ear, his mind supplied them with subconscious precision: the swan song of the seniors, sung with their caps in their hands, their inspired young faces lifted to the soft June stars.
“I’m In a Hurry” 2021

“I’m In a Hurry”

How I Found in Canada My Land of Opportunity 1819

How I Found in Canada My Land of Opportunity

No. III: From Immigrant Boy to Merchant Prince
Sealing Skippers Preparing for 1926 1415

Sealing Skippers Preparing for 1926

CAPTAIN JACOBSON threw himself into his capacious armchair, put his feet on a hassock, removed his glass eye and placing it in his pocket, leaned his head back against the crocheted antimacassar. The fire in the great heater was roaring; a bed of coals gleamed in the wide-open draught.
Art and Decoration for Town and Country Homes 8081

Art and Decoration for Town and Country Homes

What Price Golf? 2223

What Price Golf?

MY NEIGHBOR has broken out into golf! My family and I were having breakfast the other morning when “crash” went our casement window. A shiny golf ball sped through the room and we all “ducked” with more speed than ceremony. I looked out upon the sunshine spaces of my neighbor’s garden.
Riders of the Yukon Telegraph Trail 2223

Riders of the Yukon Telegraph Trail

THEY say Romance is dead as King Arthur, the Crusades and the dodo, but I can show romance in the making, all colored with the afterglow of Bret Harte days, spiced with Fenimore Cooper, and filled with memories of the golden Klondike, yet keeping one spellbound with a difference all its own, right in the heart of British Columbia.
Women and their Work


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