August 1, 1925


The Living Forest

The Red Carnation



PANDOLFO passed his hand over his crisp auburn hair. "I a dore to see you like that, Paula. You remind me more than ever of the Paola Malatesta who married the great Pandolfo of Rimini. But, pardon me, if I say so—you are beating the air. There has been no question of remission of interest between Mr. Veresy and myself. I assure you."
The Living Forest 1213

The Living Forest

Reading this instalment of Mr. Heming’s story is like getting away from everyday affairs and sharing, with Old Bill the Hunter and the boys, their life in the deep, cool shadows of the north woods.
The Red Carnation 45

The Red Carnation

When Signor Albatrossi, the famous magician, performed the greatest disappearing trick in the history of vaudeville he mystified himself more than his audience, and created a tragic knot that only the genius of Tench Story, the eccentric little cobbler detective, could untangle.
Pokey Finds Simple Life Complex 89

Pokey Finds Simple Life Complex

A trip to the country, a mother-in-law, a home-made circus and a few other odds and ends of a peaceful, bucolic life unite to provide a “restful” holiday for Peter, Pokey and the “Bits.” If there is trouble abroad that Pokey cannot tumble into it is because she hasn’t yet climbed out of the last lot.
The Saginosh Baby 1617

The Saginosh Baby

Mountains may move and a sunbeam’s motes be still, but the love of a mother for her baby beats eternal in every mother breast.
A Master Player in a Giants’ Game 1011

A Master Player in a Giants’ Game

If any doubt the ability of Canadians to handle the biggest positions with which this country can confront them, read this inspiring story of Beatty, the dynamic footballplaying president of the C.P.R., and holder of one of the biggest commercial jobs in the British Empire.


Are you ever conscious of another personality within your own — a subconscious self, a dual identity?
Rasmussen’s Arctic Highlanders 1617

Rasmussen’s Arctic Highlanders

Most vivid is this story of Rasmussen's hazardous three-year journey across the farthest northern rim of Canada, while making the North-West Passage overland, and the reactions of his Eskimos to their first experience of modern civilization.
How To Look As Young As Your Husband 5657
Women and their Work

How To Look As Young As Your Husband

Why don’t you jettison your cargo of cares and beat your husband in the race back to youth? Better still, why not keep youth in your heart, and you’ll be there, while he’s puffing down the road!
Slamming Them Over the Net 67

Slamming Them Over the Net

Tennis has emerged from the “sissy” class. It is universally recognized as a regular “he man's” game. More than a score of nations are playing this year for the blue ribbon of international tennis trophies, the Davis Cup. Read of the thrills and spills!
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