September 1, 1925


The Living Forest




A stirring and swiftly-moving conclusion to a tenselydramatic novel, in which the problems of Paula and Pandolfo are solved in a spectacular manner.
The Living Forest 2223

The Living Forest

All through the Summer and through the time when Nature dropped her glowing color box over the north woods Old Bill and the boys labored in preparation for the bitter Winter months—gaining in strength, confidence and wood-lore, and learning to love the forest.


The longing to soar, to let the cool wind blow through the soul and cleanse it of earthly things is not a prerogative of the young. There is more than a little knowledge of the psychology of the ageing, in this story.


An academy degree—or handcuffs? This was the extraordinary alternative facing a client of Duff’s, the psychological detective.
Of Far Greater Importance 1819

Of Far Greater Importance

Is love an enemy to professional woman's intellectual career, or is it the creative flame which will make her life complete? Read in this story hy Mrs. Macbeth the solution found by Nadine Stair.
The Killer of Deep Creek 1415

The Killer of Deep Creek

The Killer was bad medicine. But what happened when he met the mild little man—the quiet man who bided his time—and who struck quick as light— is well worth reading about.
The Greatest War of All 2021

The Greatest War of All

One of the most bitter, swift-moving campaigns in the history of the world is being waged by the Canadian government against an enemy that threatenS to lay the entire country s tark and bare, under its terrible attacks.
Personalities Under Studio Light 1213

Personalities Under Studio Light

Sitting back from his easel to chat awhile, Mr. Forster, the famous Canadian portrait painter, presents in delightfully informal style a colorful cross-section of his life. With a strain of pungent humor, a broad and kindly philosophy and a gentle word for men s faults, the author, for the discerning reader, unwittingly has outlined a portrait of himself.
Romance of the House of Spencer 2627

Romance of the House of Spencer

A record of business progress, and B.C., and of a sturdy old pioneer who had vision —which his sons inherit.
SALVAGE of the SEA 1617


Danger is not alone for those who go down to the sea in ships, for there is risk and to spare for the men who go down “under" the sea for ships that have been lost.
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