December 1, 1925

The House of the Shadows

Too Many Sheets to Windward

The Super-Magnifico

The House of the Shadows 2627

The House of the Shadows

SANDAL FARM stands at the top of one of the slopes on the western bank of Thirlmere, the English lake which nowadays supplies all Manchester with water and turns every mill between Thirlmere and Keswick. It is a low, two-storied building, fronted by a well-kept lawn stretching to the edge of the grassy slope which is the lake and the Corporation of Manchester’s excellent roadway.
Too Many Sheets to Windward 2425

Too Many Sheets to Windward

When Peter takes Pokey for a peaceful sail you can wager that anything may happen. In fact it does, and, if you doubt it, climb aboard this entertaining short story and see for yourself.
The Super-Magnifico 89

The Super-Magnifico

A character in this story says: “We are dealing with the unknown and the terrible when so lightly we harness the Powers to our toys.” That expresses exactly the spirit of this remarkable story of a man and a woman and disembodied voices in a weird midnight of the Christmas season.
Jeanne Gordon Wins Her Laurels 1819

Jeanne Gordon Wins Her Laurels

This second article, in a series of three, is replete with dramatic—and operatic—thrills, as the young Wallaceburg, Ontario, girl approaches closer to the metropolitan “holy of holies."
A Voice in the Garden 1415

A Voice in the Garden

Self-expression is perhaps the most dangerous reef in the matrimonial sea. and to steer clear is often a problem beyond solving. Through this tense little story of a writer, his wife, a famous violinist and another man, runs a note of idealism which may answer a question many have asked themselves
The Canada I Knew 2021

The Canada I Knew

In this instalment Miss Seymour tells of the great arsenal explosion in Quebec City, and of the terribly destructive fire which surrounded Ottawa in the days when it was “Bytown”, and describes some of the means taken by Lord Dufferin to restore the city to prosperity.
What Are Our V.C’s Doing To-day? 1213

What Are Our V.C’s Doing To-day?

The writer of this article is one of Canada's most noted V.C.’s. After a venture manufacturing motor trucks, Major MacDowell is now “carrying on” as private secretary to the Minister of Militia. The author’s own citation is, of course, not included in his article, but will be found on page 2.
Canadian Heads League of Nations 2829

Canadian Heads League of Nations

Raoul Dandurand is a diplomat with fire. His ancestry shows a mixture of the hot blood of Southern France with the more placid Norman. Senator Dandurand is one of the most picturesque figures in current Canadian politics. All Canada knows of Dandurand, the politician. Here is a glimpse of Dandurand, the man.
Joy Cometh in the Mornin 1011

Joy Cometh in the Mornin

A lifted chin and a double issue oj determination often are the portions of Britain’s sons who go out to conquer the soil of the new worlds — but what of their women? In this story of a girl’s temptation Mrs. Strange sounds a note but seldom heard— that of woman's part in the winning of the land.


There are times when even a man characterized as a “fifteen-minute egg” may show that he has a heart.
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