March 1, 1927

The Splendid Silence

The Elephants’ Graveyard


The Splendid Silence 1819

The Splendid Silence

In this exciting instalment Duncan Seymour encounters both beauty and disaster

The Elephants’ Graveyard 23

The Elephants’ Graveyard

The way that led to the Valhalla of the Jungle giant was beset with mystery
Marie-Louise 1213


Art may be vital but there are things in Nature more vital still
People Must Eat 89

People Must Eat

You can’t stifle the creative instinct, even in the grocery business
Grain King Wears a Double Crown 1011

Grain King Wears a Double Crown

Herman Trelle, Canadian, of Peace River, grew the world’s best wheat and oats in 1926
Guarding the Nation’s Health 1415

Guarding the Nation’s Health

Ceaseless vigilance is the price of national fitness
The Flying Bluenose 67

The Flying Bluenose

And once Angus Walters raced the Bluenose when the boon of life itself was the only prize at stake
The Return Match 1617

The Return Match

Swede and Afrikander stage a 'grudge fight' with a French battlefield for ring
Our Cousins ‘Down Under’ 1011

Our Cousins ‘Down Under’

An observer looks at Australia with results both amusing and enlightening
A Page About People 1617

A Page About People

Just a little of this and that about Canadians here and there
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