June 1, 1927


Three Men and a Maid

Green Fire



Gold lust, mystery, headlong adventure; a tender, human love story—all these are to be found in
Three Men and a Maid 89

Three Men and a Maid

ON THE bed—icy gleam of satin; frost-crystals of lace. On the toilet-table—milkily radiant sheen of pearls. On the floor—cross-legged upon the ferociously-staring remains of a giant bear—two girls. The dark-curled bride-to-be was clad from the bearrug up in two slender, silver slippers, two transparent silver stockings, one blush-rose lace-and-crepe teddy, one glamorous, shimmering confection of rose chiffon over silver tissue.
Green Fire 1819

Green Fire

‘The wilderness was a cold, green fire, separating the dross from the true metal’
Outposts of Mercy 1213

Outposts of Mercy

The story of the Red Cross’s frontier war against suffering and disease
Bringing Books to Brains 2223

Bringing Books to Brains

There are Canadians who so realize the value of books that they turn lock-ups into libraries and barrooms into reading rooms
The River of Mystery 2425

The River of Mystery

‘Each bend reveals new, austere grandeur of stupendous granite capes'
When Our Company Comes 9091
Women and their Work

When Our Company Comes

It is the dessert which gives the touch of distinction to the summer meal
Laying the Firm Foundation of an Investment Structure 100101

Laying the Firm Foundation of an Investment Structure

THE trend of interest yields on giltedged securities in the Canadian bond market continues gradually downward. This declining tendency has been under way since the turning point from the extreme post-war inflation was reached in 1920.
Furnishing the Bride’s Home 9697
The Home Beautiful

Furnishing the Bride’s Home

A knowledge of furniture values and a strict budget are the first essentials
Planning the Family Budget 9293
Women and their Work

Planning the Family Budget

A common sense view of the much-debated budget question
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