January 1, 1930

Walled-Up Waters 1213

Walled-Up Waters

A vivid account of what Quebec is doing to conserve its stock of white coal
The Room with the Iron Shutters 1819

The Room with the Iron Shutters

Another generous installment of a thrilling murder mystery serial:
Skiing Above the Rain 4041

Skiing Above the Rain

IT IS odd to see a young man packing a pair of skis over his shoulders on a mild drizzly day through the streets of Vancouver, but glance across the harbor to North Vancouver and there, just behind the city across the water, rearing its head 4,200 feet above sea level midst a score of other towering peaks, you will see snow-coated Grouse Mountain.
Clinkers 1011


Demonstrating the age-old truth that a choked grate never butters any parsmbs
He Will Be King 67

He Will Be King

A frank discussion of H. K. H. The Prince of Wales7 qualifications for the role of Edward VIII
Board and Lodging: Birds Only 3031

Board and Lodging: Birds Only

Bendick, of Alberta, has discovered how to make wild life protection pay a handsome profit


A stirring tale of a range country feud and its aftermath
Aftermath of Market Break Finds Investors in Quandary 6061

Aftermath of Market Break Finds Investors in Quandary

WHAT has the stock market in store for 1930? Will those who suffered serious financial loss in the recent market collapse have an opportunity of recouping their fallen fortunes, or is the speculators’ paradise definitely over? There are many who are searching eagerly for an answer to these queries, and there are many others, rampant speculators not so long ago, who are permanently “cured,” and from now on will be content to guide their financial barks into the comparatively peaceful waters of the bond market.
Track! 1617


Once a relatively unknown sport in Canada, skiing now is a major winter pastime from coast to coast
Brickbats and Bouquets 2829

Brickbats and Bouquets

A Big Compliment
Canada's Fighting Airmen 1617

Canada's Fighting Airmen

With sixty victories to his credit, Collishaw ended the war as second ranging British ace
Why Not a Cartier Festival ? 2223

Why Not a Cartier Festival ?

A suggestion for the celebration of the 400th anniversary of Canadas discovery by the Mariner of St. Malo
Heenan, Called Peter 1213

Heenan, Called Peter

An intimate character sketch of the warm-hearted Irish-Canadian who holds the Labor Portfolio at Ottawa
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