June 15, 1930

The Copper Disc 1415

The Copper Disc

In which a battle for profit becomes a battle for love, and the villain of the piece suffers his first reverse
The SHOW-DOWN 1213


The story of a girl who discovered that the price of happiness is not measured in money
The Garston Murder Case 67

The Garston Murder Case

Introducing Major Burke, private investigator, the solution of a sensational murder and the balking of a sinister conspiracy
The Lamb and the Lady 23

The Lamb and the Lady

A romantic story of two lovers who fought by the sea
Pioneers of the Steel Trail 1415

Pioneers of the Steel Trail

Two: “Two Streaks of Rust”
The West Cashes In 45

The West Cashes In

In 1869 Canada paid $1,500,000 for the “barren” Northwest. This year the three prairie provinces are taking over natural resources worth many billions of dollars
The Spirit of the Peace 89

The Spirit of the Peace

A vivid picture of life on the frontier where “a nation within a nation” is rapidly coming into being
Savory Meat Pies 7071

Savory Meat Pies

Few meat dishes are more tempting than the savory pie with its golden crust of pastry


Security Is First Essential to Sound Investment Policy
Furnishing with Fabrics 7677

Furnishing with Fabrics

Textiles contribute more to the vital character and ultimate beauty of a room than any other element in the decorative scheme
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