July 1, 1930

The Copper Disc

Women and the Home


Rounding Out the Saga

The Copper Disc 1819

The Copper Disc

in which love’s young dream is interrupted and a Knight errant flees from the law
Women and the Home


Meals served in the fresh air of a porch tape on a zest and a charm peculiarly their own
Rounding Out the Saga 1617

Rounding Out the Saga

A thrilling chapter from the heroic record of the Mounted Police Force s administration of the King’s justice in the Far Fforth
Brickbats and Bouquets 4849
Brickbats and Bouquets

Brickbats and Bouquets

Mr. Scott, Listen to This! Editor, MacLean's: I read with intense interest the article, "Is Canada going U.S.?" Being a hundred per cent Canadian who has worked in the United States, this subject is even dearer to my heart than the scenes of my childhood and for this reason I have an ear continually cocked to catch the sentiments of all and sundry who express themselves in this connection.


A tale of love lost and found amid the perils of the airman s North
A Place in the Sun 5657
Women and the Home

A Place in the Sun

Porch and terrace offer the urban dweller an excellent substitute for life in the out-of-doors
Mal de Marriage 1011

Mal de Marriage

A comic demonstration of the unwisdom of mixing love and business in the cannibal isles
Can the World Be Overcrowded? 2425

Can the World Be Overcrowded?

No, Say Statisticians : Checks and Balances Exist That Will Keep World's Population Down Within Economic Limits.
The Haunted Ship 1415

The Haunted Ship

A weird tale of a sailor s passion and a ghost with a wooden leg
Your Doctor and You 32_b33

Your Doctor and You

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