July 1, 1930

The Copper Disc

Women and the Home


Rounding Out the Saga

The Copper Disc 1819

The Copper Disc

in which love’s young dream is interrupted and a Knight errant flees from the law
Women and the Home


Meals served in the fresh air of a porch tape on a zest and a charm peculiarly their own
Rounding Out the Saga 1617

Rounding Out the Saga

A thrilling chapter from the heroic record of the Mounted Police Force s administration of the King’s justice in the Far Fforth
Brickbats and Bouquets 4849
Brickbats and Bouquets

Brickbats and Bouquets

Mr. Scott, Listen to This! Editor, MacLean's: I read with intense interest the article, "Is Canada going U.S.?" Being a hundred per cent Canadian who has worked in the United States, this subject is even dearer to my heart than the scenes of my childhood and for this reason I have an ear continually cocked to catch the sentiments of all and sundry who express themselves in this connection.


A tale of love lost and found amid the perils of the airman s North
A Place in the Sun 5657
Women and the Home

A Place in the Sun

Porch and terrace offer the urban dweller an excellent substitute for life in the out-of-doors
Mal de Marriage 1011

Mal de Marriage

A comic demonstration of the unwisdom of mixing love and business in the cannibal isles
Can the World Be Overcrowded? 2425

Can the World Be Overcrowded?

No, Say Statisticians : Checks and Balances Exist That Will Keep World's Population Down Within Economic Limits.
The Haunted Ship 1415

The Haunted Ship

A weird tale of a sailor s passion and a ghost with a wooden leg
Your Doctor and You 32_b33

Your Doctor and You

MacLean's Health Service—Conducted hv the Canadian Medical Association
The Welland Ship Canal 1213

The Welland Ship Canal

“One of the great triumphs of modem engineering, in some
Albert Einstein As An Idealist 2627

Albert Einstein As An Idealist

Higher Scientific Studies Lead to Worthier Valuation of Things of the Spirit.
Wanted: A Canadian Flag 45

Wanted: A Canadian Flag

Wherein the author of “This Flag Question” answers his critics and cites f urther reasons for the adoption of a distinctive Canadian land ensign
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