August 1, 1930

An Empire Olympiad

Copper Disc


An Empire Olympiad 45

An Empire Olympiad

A forecast of "the most comprehensive allBritish athletic meet ever attempted"
Copper Disc 2223

Copper Disc

In which the villain is unmasked, a mystery is solved and love comes into own


Being the romance of an altogether charming vamp and her encounter with one not so charming
Current Business Cycle Is Running True to Form 6465

Current Business Cycle Is Running True to Form

BUSINESS, it seems, like some people we know, cannot stand prosperity. Corporate and individual habits follow a closely parallel course during an era of economic expansion. Good times and quick profits breed extravagance and wastefulness; but that keen perspective of sound business principles which makes for economical management is dimmed in the glare of prosperity, and in due course the inevitable recession develops, necessitating a prolonged and painful adjustment to conservative but sounder standards.
The Spanish Consul Case 1213

The Spanish Consul Case

A true detective story in which is described the u of a caballero of Spain by the J\[arcotíes Squad of the R. C. M. P.
Curtains and Draperies 6061

Curtains and Draperies

New appreciation of color and textural values have revolutionized art the of window decoration
The Man with a Hole in His Head 2021

The Man with a Hole in His Head

The story of a failure who discovered what ma\es the worm turn
Driving Auto . Now a Science 3031

Driving Auto . Now a Science

All Drivers Should Pass Difficult Tests Before They Are Licensed.
I'd Sooner Kill a Man 67

I'd Sooner Kill a Man

A tale of the sea and the rescue of two rescuers who tried to pawn their souls
In the Editor's Confidence 6869
In the Editor's Confidence

In the Editor's Confidence

EDMUND PUGSLEY’S series of articles on “Pioneers of the Steel Trail” has brought us a number of most interesting letters from old-timers among the railroad men of this country. The first article, devoted to Peter Righter, the engineer who took the first passenger train from Montreal into Vancouver, has stirred the memory of Alex.
"Al” Cheesman 1617

"Al” Cheesman

A vivid character sketch of the Canadian who piloted Sir Hubert Wil\ins over the Antarctic
Wit Wisdom and Whimsicality 3233

Wit Wisdom and Whimsicality

Grammar in the Air—Colonel Lindbergh, flying in Panama, made only a brief stop at Colon. Grammatically correct.—Fernie Free Press. Sock!—“A sharp nose indicates curiosity,” says a physiognomist. Yes, and the flat one may indicate too much curiosity.—Fredericton Gleaner.
Not So Dry! 1011

Not So Dry!

A humorous demonstration of the truth that there is more than one way of milling a cow
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