August 15, 1930

The King's Fool


Dear Julia Knows Best

The King's Fool 23

The King's Fool

Commencing a fascinating novel of love, adventure and intrigue in the time of Louis XV
Primeval 1011


A dramatic story of a tempestuous wooing
Dear Julia Knows Best 1415

Dear Julia Knows Best

Wherein a feminine Napoleon meets her Waterloo and an outcast demonstrates the finer points of domestic intrigue
"There She Blows . . . !" 89

"There She Blows . . . !"

All the thrill taken out of whaling? Not a bit of it! Canada's West Coast whale hunt is still one of the most exciting games in the world
Dangerous Stuff 2021

Dangerous Stuff

The love story of two adventurers of the air who almost crashed their hope of happiness
The Principle of the Thing 1819

The Principle of the Thing

In which disillusioned Youth learns that the path of glory leads to the woodshed
A Remedy For Unemployment 1213

A Remedy For Unemployment

nphatic plea for the adoption by Canadian industry of employment insurance
A Stewart Conquers London 1213

A Stewart Conquers London

A word portrait of the Canadian musician who recently scored an artistic triumph as guest conductor with the London Symphony Orchestra
The New Linens 6869
Women and the Home

The New Linens

With the one exception of the snowy white damask tablecloth, color is now a dominant note in almost every type of linen used in the home
The Key to the Wheat Puzzle 3233

The Key to the Wheat Puzzle

A forthright statement of the need for mass production methods on the grain farm
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