September 1, 1930

The King's Fool


The One-Eyed Partnership

The King's Fool 2021

The King's Fool

Wherein the man of motley proves himself a man of courage and a man of wisdom survives disaster to become a fool
Doughnuts 23


A dramatic story of a renegade's revulsion from the code of the African jungle
The One-Eyed Partnership 1011

The One-Eyed Partnership

Another true detective story taken from the murder-mystery files of the Mounted Police
Red Ok emo 1213

Red Ok emo

A tale of men in love and a race that fulfilled a woman's hope
Cook-Stove Conquests 1617

Cook-Stove Conquests

Forty-eight years ago—a machine shop in a shack; today—one of the largest businesses of its kind in the British Empire Such is the record of Moffats, of Weston
The Admirable Collentine 67

The Admirable Collentine

The love story of a girl who gambled in kisses
Husbands Are Useful 1819

Husbands Are Useful

In which a susceptible male encounters romance and rogues
Canadians —But Not a Race 67

Canadians —But Not a Race

A summary of the facts of the “Are-We-Canadian? ” controversy
Cable “Fishing” 1415

Cable “Fishing”

Fishing in the open sea for the broken ends of an undersea cable is a task calling for extraordinary daring and skill
Many “Privilege” Securities Available on Canadian Markets 7273

Many “Privilege” Securities Available on Canadian Markets

THE number of “privilege” securities on the Canadian market has multiplied very considerably in recent years. Embraced in this category are convertible bonds and preferred stocks, participating preferreds, and warrant-bearing bonds extending to the holder the right to buy the junior securities of the company on special terms within specified time limits.
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