September 15, 1930

The King’s Fool

The Operating Room Mystery


The King’s Fool 2223

The King’s Fool

In which a deaf mute talks like an Irishman and a fool proves himself no fool love
The Operating Room Mystery 67

The Operating Room Mystery

Wherein a scientific sleuth encounters a scientific criminal and the bandage is removed from the eyes of Justice


A tale of a conspiracy that ran on the rocks and a conspirator who found what he wasn’t looking for
Canada and the Imperial Conference 89

Canada and the Imperial Conference

The reasons for, and possible consequences of, a meeting which may prove to be the most momentous in the history of the British Empire
Smart Fellow 2021

Smart Fellow

A story of the airman's North and the loyalties by which men—and women —measure men
Inefficiency, Incorporated 1011

Inefficiency, Incorporated

There’s efficiency in business, efficiency in love—but what are you to do when your lady fair denies them both?
Pioneers of the Steel Trail 1213

Pioneers of the Steel Trail

Another chapter of adventure from the lives of the men behind the throttle during the heroic days of Canadian railroading
Canada’s New Premier 23

Canada’s New Premier

Cradled by the sea, school teacher, lawyer, business man and politician, R. B. Bennetts will serve him well on the bridge of the Ship of State.
Our Air-Minded North 45

Our Air-Minded North

Grizzled prospectors, mining moguls, Indians, white men, sky-pilots, bootleggers—they all fly in the North Country
The Art of Buying for Profit Requires Long and Careful Study 8485

The Art of Buying for Profit Requires Long and Careful Study

THE desire to accumulate money is one of the dominating passions of the human race. No fault can be found with the ambition of the normal man to build up a substantial surplus of capital over what he requires for current and everyday wants.
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