November 1, 1930

The Metis Rebellions

The Return of Jerry Mitchell

The Silent Death

The Metis Rebellions 1213

The Metis Rebellions

Concluding the tragic story of the self-appointed “Prophet ” whose leadership of the revolt on the Saskatchewan ended on the gallows
The Return of Jerry Mitchell 23

The Return of Jerry Mitchell

Commencing a novel of romantic adventure at sea
The Silent Death 1011

The Silent Death

Another murder mystery drama starring Kent Power, scientific detective
Curls on Her Neck 1617

Curls on Her Neck

A swift-moving tale of daring lovers, screaming speedboats and a militant grandmother who took nobody's backwash
The Man Who Built the Train Telephone 89

The Man Who Built the Train Telephone

The story of John C. Burkholder, the electrical wizard who perfected two-way telephonic communication from a train


A story of the night mail and a woman’s desperate bid for happiness
Cabinet Portraits 1819

Cabinet Portraits

THOSE Canadians who bewail the exodus of our brains to the United States are liable to forget that in this field the Republic has given us a measure of reciprocity. There was Van Home and there was Shaughnessy, and in the present Government of Canada there is Sir George Halsey Perley, Nestor of the Cabinet, cradled in New Hampshire; educated at Harvard; American-born.
Bootleg Amateurs 67

Bootleg Amateurs

A startling accusation that amateur hockey in Canada is a sham, shot through and through with veiled professionalism


Wherein a "model" husband discovers that which wives always know but seldom tell
Should My Boy Play War? 1415

Should My Boy Play War?

Two Fathers who Fought in the Great War give conflicting answers to an all-important question
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