November 15, 1930

The Return of Jerry Mitchell

A New Basis for Immigration

A Piece of String

The Return of Jerry Mitchell 2021

The Return of Jerry Mitchell

In which mutineers battle for gold and a much worried lover encounters a ruthless rival
A New Basis for Immigration 1213

A New Basis for Immigration

A novel suggestion from a writer who believes that co-operative community settlement would solve Canada's immigration problem
A Piece of String 1011

A Piece of String

Another true detective story drawn from the files which record notable murder cases solved by the North West Mounted Police
The Captain’s Dad 1415

The Captain’s Dad

The story of a football triumph and a debt that was paid with interest
The TOAD 23


Good and Evil striving for his soul, Death clutching at his body —then it was that “Toad” Hedley found his supreme moment
The Gang Man 67

The Gang Man

Commencing a dramatic recital of the exploits of the pioneer timbermen who made lumbering history on the Ottawa
Cabinet Portraits 1819

Cabinet Portraits

FOUR months ago Robert Weir was tending his flocks and herds, plowing the broad acres of his Saskatchewan farm, a stranger to politics, without ambition to enter public life. Today he is Minister of Agriculture. Like Cincinnatus of old, Weir was literally conscripted to national service.
Heather’s Hound Nadya 1617

Heather’s Hound Nadya

The story of a conquest at love that began with victory and ended defeat
“No More Parties!” 89

“No More Parties!”

Wherein a society-scorning husband is read a lesson in the uses of teacup gossip
He Built the Road to Eldorado 1213

He Built the Road to Eldorado

An intimate sketch of the man whose courage and faith created the T. and N. O., "the discovery railroad which opened Northern Ontario's treasure chest"
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