December 1, 1930

The Return of Jerry Mitchell

The Case of Ernest Cashel

The Weakness of Joanna

The Return of Jerry Mitchell 2021

The Return of Jerry Mitchell

Wherein piracy joins hands with mutiny and a lover and his beloved find themselves in desperate plight
The Case of Ernest Cashel 1617

The Case of Ernest Cashel

Another celebrated Mounted Police case—the story of one of the most sensational manhunts in the Force's history
The Weakness of Joanna 67

The Weakness of Joanna

The love story of a girl who couldn’t read the riddle of her own heart
The Matter of a Horse 23

The Matter of a Horse

A tale of two men and a horse—and a woman whose dream of happiness found fulfillment tragedy
The Silver Streak 1213

The Silver Streak

A dramatic story of divided loyalty and a gangster s victory that was won on the gridiron
Mr. Cinderella 1819

Mr. Cinderella

An amusing tale of a sexless saxophonist, a lover who left at midnight and a girl who didn't know her own mind
The Gang Man 1011

The Gang Man

Continuing a vivid account of the old-time lumberman's battle with the giants of the Manitou Forest
INSANITY: A National Problem 89

INSANITY: A National Problem

Says this writer: Of every 1,000 Canadian children now at school forty will enter our mental hospitals—more than will graduate from our universities
Cabinet Portraits 1415

Cabinet Portraits

EVERY summer thousands of American tourists stream over the border by motor or train to Montreal. They move about the big stores, dine at great hotels, admire the quaint shops, marvel at the unaccustomed French inflection and tongue. They stare at the great cathedrals, at the habits of monk and friar, drink without let or hindrance of French wines, go home happy in the belief that they have “seen Quebec.”
The Imperial Conference 45

The Imperial Conference

A penetrating analysis of the problems and personalities of the recent Empire conclave in London
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