December 15, 1930

Motiveless Murder 1011

Motiveless Murder

Introducing a detective with side-whiskers in the strange case of the man who hated success
Pretty Wolverine's Fifht Husband 1819

Pretty Wolverine's Fifht Husband

The story of the Mounted Police hunt for the Indian outlaw, Charcoal, otherwise known as Bad Young Man, whose challenge tested the Force to the utmost
The Return of Jerry Mitchell 2021

The Return of Jerry Mitchell

Wherein a captain of men finds his mate and a bold buccaneer meets his master
The Gang Man 1213

The Gang Man

Toiling long hours in wet clothes, risking their lives on slippery logs in seething, roaring rivers—such was the life of the oldtime raftsmen
Old Christmas Stuff 67

Old Christmas Stuff

A tale of a Yuletide reunion and a woman who taught her husband that it is blessed to forget
Cabinet Portraits 1415

Cabinet Portraits

FROM the standpoint of success in politics, Murray MacLaren came into the world with three distinct advantages. He was a Maritimer; he was Scotch; and his father had destined him for medicine. To be born anywhere between Campbellton and Sydney is an equivalent to the inevitableness of some day owning a bank, or being president of a university, or getting into Parliament or a Cabinet; but when, added to that, one happens to be Scotch and of the medical profession there is simply no escape.
The New Power Age 23

The New Power Age

Feeling gloomy? Here’s a Christmas present in the shape of an article on the wonders the Tower Age has in store for Canada. Read it. You’ll be an optimist—with reason
That Bootleg Bogey 89

That Bootleg Bogey

A spirited reply to Frederick Edwards’ “Bootleg Amateurs” in which an amateur executive declares: “The bootleg bomb is a dud."
Companionate 45


The story of two lovers who learned that a broken bargain is no cure for broken hearts
Lockie Burwash: Explorer 89

Lockie Burwash: Explorer

The story of a great Canadian whose adventuring in the Far Places of the North ranks him as one of the foremost explorers of our time
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