January 1, 1931

The Ironmaster

The Vanished Light

The Invisible Ring

The Ironmaster 23

The Ironmaster

Commencing a novel of steel; of the battle of men against metal and of women in love

The Vanished Light 89

The Vanished Light

A dramatic study of theft and its motives, and the unravelling of the mystery of a great awakening

The Invisible Ring 1415

The Invisible Ring

Another true detective story starring the Mounted Police in a battle of wits with the master brain of a Vancouver dope ring

The Princes and the Shepherd 1213

The Princes and the Shepherd

A tale of conquerors and the conquered, of an avenger’s bitter triumph and a wooing that withstood the siege of a great city
Black Reef 1617

Black Reef

Grandpa McCann, old-time sailor, shows the younger generation how to handle a life-or-death emergency


The story of a hockey hero who knew what it was to let his team down and a girl who never knew when she was beaten
Cabinet Portraits 1819

Cabinet Portraits

WHEN, twelve years ago, Gideon Decker Robertson became a member of His Majesty’s Privy Council, sitting in the Cabinet as Minister of Labor, there were gentlemen behind rosewood desks in marble offices who had visions of a sinister figure seated in a Red House in New Moscow on the banks of the Ottawa, the dictator of a Soviet Canada.
EXPORT TRADE: Our National Opportunity 67

EXPORT TRADE: Our National Opportunity

A frank analysis of Canada s foreign trade position and the opportunity that awaits us in the Orient's greatest market—China
Hockey’s Hard Task 1011

Hockey’s Hard Task

With so many good amateurs turning professional, can a Canadian team win another Olympic championship?
Common Stocks Waiting for Evidence of General Business Improvement 5253

Common Stocks Waiting for Evidence of General Business Improvement

FOR most of us the passing of 1930 will be heralded with a sigh — of relief, not of regret. This statement will scarcely need elaboration, for the difficult and urgent economic problems of 1930 are still fresh in the memory, whether we be business leaders, workers and wage earners, or investors and speculators.
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