February 15, 1931

The Ironmaster 2021

The Ironmaster

The story: Alan early age John Driver becomes manager of his grandfather’s great iron mills in the Black Country which he will inherit. Old James Driver wants him to marry Meg Burstall, whose family supplies the coal which drives the mills, but John, having known her since childhood, regards her as he would a sister.

A Saxophone Solo 67

A Saxophone Solo

I SENT for you this morning, Ego,” said the assistant commissioner, “because rather a queer case has turned up and it seems to me that perhaps it is more in your line than that of less eccentric members of the force.” “Many thanks for those kind words, sir,” murmured Ego.
The TREES 1011


HOBART had been born with a deep fundamental devotion to trees. His knowledge and understanding of them was partly natural gift, partly the result of observation and study. His love for them was instinctive and profound. He knew them scientifically and academically and one might even say metaphysically, because he felt himself see into them more deeply than their bark, their fibre and their sap.


I'ATES to say anything against any man,” said Spike Molton darkly, his sparrowlike face glowering. “Especially me bein’ an Englishman and 'im a blinkin’ Canadian. But these here men wouldn’t be so ready to cheer him if they only knowed how he got that medal.”


RACE TIPS, Lotteries, Banned from Mails.” “Issue Warrants for Trio Behind Charity Sweep." “Lottery in Windsor Distributes $228,159." “Nova Scotian Holds $7,500 Sweep Ticket.” “Alleged Lottery Brings Ottawa Raid." “Candy Store Employee Wins D. R. A. Pool.”
Simpson and Delilah 1819

Simpson and Delilah

DID I ever hear o’ mariners comin’ back to life after bein’ thought dead — did I?” Captain Jonas Hallan leaned forward, glared at his questioner for a moment, then laughed derisively and sank back against the leather cushions of the best chair in the Pilot Rooms.
Mining Gets Down to Bed Rock 23

Mining Gets Down to Bed Rock

CANADA’S great mining-stock orgy is over. The gentlemen—the ladies—who gave up their jobs because it was so simple to become rich over night by playing Oompus Consolidated and Sunken Sucker Gold have gone back to work, or are looking for it.
Industry Moves West 89

Industry Moves West

WHEN the average Easterner visualizes the West he sees thousands of miles of rolling prairies, fields of golden grain, a few cities, one or two in each province, loosely linked together by towns and villages with board sidewalks as an “improvement."
Backstage at Ottawa 45

Backstage at Ottawa

ITS honeymoon of office over, and with prosperity still on vacation, Mr. Bennett’s Ministry faces Parliament beset by tribulations. War cabinets had their trials, encountered hard problems, but it is doubtful whether any government before, during, or since the war met anything like the thronged troubles in Mr. Bennett’s path.
The World’s Largest Bible Class 1617

The World’s Largest Bible Class

IF YOU looked for the biggest Bible class in the world in London or New York you would be disappointed. It meets in Metropolitan Church, Toronto, which holds close to 2,000 people, and is always packed to the doors. You wouldn't ask, “How did it get that way?”

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