March 15, 1931

The Ironmaster 2021

The Ironmaster

THREE months had passed in the grey castle of mercy, and Meg Burstall was in love. Her secret, because nurses were expected to avoid that sort of thing. There was pity in it, but she felt pity for them all, the kind one must never express in words but translate into acts.

The King’s Rules 67

The King’s Rules

HOW the mighty one has fallen,” remarked Spike Molton reminiscently as his eyes followed the dapper little figure of a certain Medicine Hat business man across the floor of the Canadian Legion Club. Jack Dayley, lone reporter of that Western Canadian city’s only newspaper, perked up, scenting a story, and his eyes too followed the man.
The SHRIMP 1415


SHYNESS is said (by the hypershy) to be incurable. That was the opinion of Horatio Mervyn, who supported himself, not too well, with his pen. He had enjoyed a mild measure of success as a writer, or compiler, of symposia published in popular magazines.


IT WAS my privilege to be among those present at the signing of the Blackfeet treaty of 1877. It was a pageant and an occasion to be remembered. Hundreds of the conical brown leather tepees of the Blackfeet occupied the greater part of the beautiful valley on both sides of the Bow River; most of them decorated with striking and highly-colored examples of Indian art.
A Plaster on the Rooftree 1819

A Plaster on the Rooftree

THEY met by chance in Dominion Square, both on a holiday in Montreal’s Mardi Gras, seeking entertainment and both accompanied by their wives. They went to the same theatre, the same night club, and by the time they parted after breakfast they were all that they had been in the days when they went to the same lecture rooms, swiped ties from one another, and waited for the same shower in the rush hour at the gymnasium ufter three hard sets of tennis.
I Saw in Russia— 23

I Saw in Russia—

This is the first of two articles by James H. Prichard, of Prince Edward Island, former secretary of the Canadian National Silver Black Fox Breeders’ Association, who recently completed eleven months service under the Soviet Government in connection with the establishment of the fox ranching industry in Siberia.
The Constitutional Impasse 45

The Constitutional Impasse

EVERYONE has seen the painting of the Fathers of Confederation, busily at work in Quebec City, framing the statute which was to be the British North America Act; the constitution of the Dominion of Canada. Suppose, in that now distant autumn of 1864, the Fathers had been interrupted.
Go West, Young Man! 1617

Go West, Young Man!

WHEN the farmer displaced the hunter and the outlaw in Western Canada his waving fields of wheat did more than create the economic revolution which was the birth of an unprecedented era of Canadian development. The gap between East and West was bridged; Eastern and Western Canada became one nation.
EXIT 1011


OLD IAN sat on the back verandah. The sun poured down over him and he felt its warmth gratefully; spreading gnarled hands out on the arms of his chair as if to grasp the heat. It was Sunday afternoon and his birthday, and the family had gathered in his honor.
Sudbury Looks to the Future 1213

Sudbury Looks to the Future

THE city of Sudbury rates two separate paragraphs in any tome proclaiming the locations of World’s Biggest. In the mines and mills and smelters of International Nickel, it houses the supplying source of the largest self-contained mining organization in the world.
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