April 1, 1931

Michael Malone’s Girl 23

Michael Malone’s Girl

who has written a love story as refreshing as spring, and created an altogether adorable heroine in:
UNEMPLOYMENT Its Causes and Cure 1415

UNEMPLOYMENT Its Causes and Cure

A trenchant analysis of the causes of our present economic difficulties, with specific suggestions for their correction and future prevention
I Saw in Russia— 1011

I Saw in Russia—

Further first-hand impressions of a Russia in the throes of an economic revolution
The Millionaire Mystery 89

The Millionaire Mystery

Wherein the genial Inspector Ego encounters a bombing outrage and proves the unwisdom of trifling with a dud
On the Green 1617

On the Green

A hilarious tale of a golfer who lived a lie for love’s sake and a rival who laughed too soon
Sixty-Foot Hall 1213

Sixty-Foot Hall

The moving story of a man who built for himself an idol only to find that he worshipped at the wrong shrine
A Business Built on Public Service 2829

A Business Built on Public Service

Colonel J. B. Maclean tells the story of forty-five years in Canadian Publishing
The Soul of Benedict Vaillant 2021

The Soul of Benedict Vaillant

ALL the world has heard of Benedict Vaillant; all the world, that is, for whom Canard à la Presse is not the same as “stewed duck.” He is one of the culinary glories of France. No one has ever made ragouts such as he makes, and when the ambassador of a certain European Power asked him how he had the courage to decline a Royal offer of employment, he replied in words which are now celebrated the world over:
Mining Means Wealth 1819

Mining Means Wealth

Despite depression Canada’s mines are producing today more minerals than ever before
Are the Banks Refusing Farmer Loans? 1011

Are the Banks Refusing Farmer Loans?

A plain-spoken statement of the controversial issues involved in the credit question which is now agitating the rural West
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