April 15, 1931

Michael Malone’s Girl

The Truth About War Debts

Trial by Ordeal

Michael Malone’s Girl 2223

Michael Malone’s Girl

In which love comes to the cobbler’s cottage and a Malone risks happiness in a sacrificial gamble
The Truth About War Debts 23

The Truth About War Debts

An answer to misleading statements concerning Allied indebtedness to the United States
Trial by Ordeal 67

Trial by Ordeal

A fastidious city bride left alone day after day in a blizzard-bound wilderness shack—Could any woman's love survive so harsh a test?
Liquid Gold 1213

Liquid Gold

Since the first oil well in North America was sunk in Ontario, petroleum producing has been a romantic Canadian industry
The Townsend Case 1819

The Townsend Case

The story of a remarkable murder trial. Even now, seventy years after the case went to the jury, no one knows whether or not the right man was tried
WANTED: Man, Young 1415

WANTED: Man, Young

Wise old age gives an up-and-at-'em sales force a lesson in the fine art of snaring the business hare
Poor Little Mary 2021

Poor Little Mary

Her “lamb” was the classiest lad at Varsity and he “followed” quite satisfactorily until—


“Life has many jokes," said the old military man; and two lovers learned that he was right
B.C's Wonder Mine 89

B.C's Wonder Mine

Sheer indomitability has turned the once despised Premier into a great producer. Here gold is found amid the clouds
The Race Wrangle 3435

The Race Wrangle

Another discussion of the Canadian race question by one who maintains that racial origins should be classified solely by color
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