May 1, 1931

Michael Malone’s Girl 2021

Michael Malone’s Girl

The story: Toya Malone is the motherless daughter of Michael Malone, the village cobbler. Judge Salters, the local mill owner, is Michael's friend. Aggie Salters, widow of the judge’s dead brother, has a handsome sort, Jarvis, who makes love to Toya.
The Forsythe Mystery 1011

The Forsythe Mystery

THREE young men came out of the grill room of the Regal. Two were smiling over a characteristically whimsical remark of the third. It was the latter— tall, slim, blonde of head, and with the thin-lipped, cynically humorous mouth of a newspaper reporter — who held up his hand to the bell-boy who was droning down the steps in the peculiar monotone of his kind: “Mr. Kent Power! Mr. Kent Power!" “What’s it all about, son?" "Wanted on the telephone, sir.
A Shoppers’ League of Nations 1617

A Shoppers’ League of Nations

ON THE afternoon of August 26, 1930, in the Konzerthaus at Vienna, a young Canadian arose to speak. Before him sat Britishers and Germans, Americans and Frenchmen, Austrians, Czechs, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Rumanians, Chinese, Dutchmen, Spaniards, Scandinavians, Japanese, Swiss, Indians, Argentinians, and Russians of all the various types from White to Mongol. All together they numbered 554.
The HemmerstitchBeckstar Feud 1415

The HemmerstitchBeckstar Feud

IN THIS world of ours the most difficult thing to keep going is a whole-souled angry hatred. A consistent and relentless enmity is so rare that the man or woman who can hate till death, making enmity a lifework, is almost non-existent. Such beings are gigantic; they are sublime; they are heroic. They belong among the lesser gods, but they are as rare as hen’s teeth.
ONTARIO Marches North 89

ONTARIO Marches North

TWO big acts of a drama of winter are drawing to a successful close in the bleak wilderness that stretches north of Cochrane in Northern Ontario, in that No Man's Land which lies between the Canadian National transcontinental line and James Bay, downthrust spur of Hudson Bay.
The Romance of Our Money 1213

The Romance of Our Money

NOWADAYS when we say that a man is “making money” we usually mean that he is shrewd enough to be accumulating a surplus of income over expenditure. “Making money” in the sense of counterfeiting is relatively rare and is a criminal offense; the legitimate making of money, using the phrase in the physical sense, is now a monopoly held by the state and a few banks.
Who Masters His Fate 23

Who Masters His Fate

CRAYTON was young, but already he had tired of life. He had made up his mind that there was no evading the misfortunes that took shape at every turn and arrayed themselves like menacing satyrs against him. He told himself that the hour of crisis was come, yet he was perplexed by his own calm now that he was standing on the brink over which he proposed to step.
Absolutely Different 67

Absolutely Different

MONICA had to begin Making Allowances as soon as she got up that morning. Katie, that bland old humbug, was late again; at seven humbug, was late again; at seven o’clock, when breakfast should have been well under way, Monica met her in the hall, just going downstairs.


ON THE night of October 8, 1892, a vessel known as the Premier, of 1,044 tons Canadian register, owned and skippered by Captain John Irving, collided with the S. S. Willamette, of Seattle, in Puget Sound, near Port Townsend. Captain Irving immediately beached his vessel and proceeded to Seattle, ostensibly to arrange salvage.
Backstage at Ottawa 45

Backstage at Ottawa

THE halfway mark of the session has brought its inevitable stocktaking, and the estimates—friendly, hostile, judicial, as the case may be—of the Prime Minister and his achievements. Mr. Bennett, having had his first real baptism of fire, has been analyzed and psychoanalyzed by friend and foe.
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