July 1, 1931

The Silver Scale

The Home-Loving Man

The Better Part

The Silver Scale 2223

The Silver Scale

Wherein a lover confesses and a new shadow casts its pall over Duchlan's stricken castle
The Home-Loving Man 45

The Home-Loving Man

A poignant story of a wife’s renunciation and a husband’s long atonement
The Better Part 1213

The Better Part

The love story of a lady who looked like a diving Hermes and a studious gentleman who acquired his suntan out of a bottle
Gaston the Great 2021

Gaston the Great

A Romance of the Prize Ring
The Maritime Tide Turns 67

The Maritime Tide Turns

"The Maritimes today are the brightest spot on the business map of Canada,” declares this survey of conditions and current trends in the Atlantic Provinces
SCIENCE— Efficiency Expert 1415

SCIENCE— Efficiency Expert

First of a series of articles describing how Canada's new national research laboratories are “taking up the slack" in Canadian industry
Mrs. Peace River 1011

Mrs. Peace River

Here’s a story that defines the meaning of the word “pioneer” ... the story of a woman who, alone and unafraid, with laughter on her lips, adventured on the last lone frontier and, adventuring, found content
The price of Silver 1617

The price of Silver

“ There are some who hold up their hands in fear at any suggestion which affects fundamentally the vital arteries of currency. From this mentality—call it what you will, the gold mentality or any other—it is surely time we were rescued . . . Do not let us sit idly by and proclaim ourselves helpless in a dilemma which we ourselves have created.”


A dramatic story of the hillman's frontier where courage dices with treachery in the age-old game of war
The Rocks at Churchill 67

The Rocks at Churchill

Autographs cut in rocks 200 years ago at the site of Canada's northern seaport tell a story of high adventure and romantic enterprise
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