April 1, 1932

The Case of the Painted Girl 2223

The Case of the Painted Girl

The story: While motoring from London to Scotland at night, Jimmy Harrison is halted af a lonely house by a scream. He enters by a window and finds a recently murdered man; also a girl, her face curiously covered with paint, lying unconscious.

"Render Unto Caesar” 1011

"Render Unto Caesar”

THE big man—big as judged by the size of his combined bank accounts, the big shot, to indicate his status still more clearly —glanced at the card his secretary handed him with instant recognition. “Show him in,” he said, and as he let the card fall on his desk he glanced through his window at the lake front far beneath him, a cynical smile on his lips.


VIMY RIDGE! Vimy, and the craters! Vimy and . . . It was a dull misty morning and, standing there on the road near Cabaret Rouge, the Ridge seemed to me the most isolated ground in France; and the grandest, the most romantic. The fog hid all the distant fringes.


MARY remembered the first time Michael came into the place. She was wiping off the counter when she looked up and saw him standing there, big and tall, with a mop of sandy hair that wanted to curl, and blue eyes, as blue as the new shirt he wore. His collar was open, his sleeves rolled up.
The Far North Can Wait 1617

The Far North Can Wait

CANADA. Sweeps North,” “Carving Out a Northern Empire,” “North to See Vast Growth,” “Go North, Young Man,” "The Great North Calls,” are some of the headings which we see in the paper these days. “Why Should Not N. W. Territories be a Second Finland in Prosperity?”
Four Little Pigs Go to Market 1819

Four Little Pigs Go to Market

IT WAS with some apprehension that I observed father deep in a farm journal which was featuring a hog week. You know the kind of thing Hopeful Hints for Hog Holders; Pigs, Pennies and Profits. Seductive titles designed to make anyone yearn to put their all in a covey of young hams and bacons, and just like tinder to the ready spark of father's enthusiasm for trying something new.
The Trek to Meadow Lake 1415
Backstage at Ottawa

The Trek to Meadow Lake

DAY after day in the spring of 1931 the wind blew hard across the prairies. It was the windiest spring that any farmer remembered. Over a great part of the prairie area of Saskatchewan crops blown out had to be re-seeded. Hardest hit of all were districts in the southwest of Saskatchewan.
Russia As I Saw It 2627

Russia As I Saw It

WE LEFT Moscow, the Soviet capital, with regret, to travel by train to Nishni Novgorod. Fourteen hours later we arrived in that quaint old city on the Volga once famous for its annual fair but now becoming the Detroit of Russia. It is here that Auto-Stroi—the auto factory—is being built.
... PEACE or WAR? 1415

... PEACE or WAR?

ON February 3, 1932, Lieut.-Commander J. M. Kenworthy, a former member (Labor) of the British House of Commons, declared in New York that Great Britain believes Japan is in secret league with France and Russia in her seizure of Manchuria and invasion of China proper.
Backstage at Ottawa 1213

Backstage at Ottawa

DISILLUSIONMENT hangs heavily over Parliament Hill. That stage of the session has been reached when, opening excitement over and galleries growing thinner, the House begins to feel its futility, becomes bored. It is always the same. Every session begins with a blare of trumpets, with high promise, expectations.
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