March 1, 1933

Mary Clare Davron Says: You Can Married 1011

Mary Clare Davron Says: You Can Married

SWEET SIXTEEN! The way people talk, you would think it was romantic to be sixteen, but I have learned the utter fallacy of this. I think sixteen is a lousy age and it is tragedy to be it. My grandmother brags that she was married at sixteen and had three children, of which (whom?) mother was one, by the time she was twenty.
The Killing of Monica Quayles 45

The Killing of Monica Quayles

CYNTHIA GOSSETT, even in the flamboyantly furnished eight-roomed house of Medlar’s Row, Hammersmith, at eight o’clock in the morning, was an extraordinarily beautiful young woman. Her hair was one of those rare shades between yellow and golden, her eyes were of an alluring blue, her lips invited continual caresses and her slim body was exactly of that outline which the devil and a certain male dressmaker invented to make more difficult the life of a man with righteous inclinations.


BLACK NIGHT gripped the cabin and beat the sea. Marion Bruce believed that even the mountains must shiver before the blasts. First came the darkness. Again it was complete when Eric blew out the light. "We can’t have a fire with the rest," he said.
Montville Boy Makes Good 1819

Montville Boy Makes Good

THE IDEA, naturellement, was conceived in the fertile brain of Oscar Plouffe. He developed it, rounded it into shape. perfected it and gave it to Montville in all its beautiful simplicity. As a consequence, the engineer of the late local gaped from his cab in bewilderment as the train pulled into Montville that winter afternoon.
FOG 1415


IT HAPPENED very suddenly. We were celebrating the Fall of the Bastille. We had been celebrating all afternoon, and had strolled over to the hotel for the dinner Pierre Moraze had been preparing from early morning. We had finished our dinner and were now sipping our after-dinner wine in the common room.


NEVER in all my buffalo chasing did I get hurt by buffalo, nor do I know of any other hunters that were ever attacked. In the race, the buffalo were too frightened to stop for fight. Sometimes a wounded buffalo would make a dash at me, but I would let fly and knock him down.
The Munitions Traffic as a Menace to Peace 89

The Munitions Traffic as a Menace to Peace

AT THE CONFERENCE of San Remo, in the spring of 1920, certain post-war problems were intended to be settled, especially certain questions relating to Eastern Europe. I myself was president of the conference. The spokesmen for Britain were Lloyd George and Lord Curzon; for France, Millerand, Berthelot and others.
Show-Down or Blow-Up? 1213

Show-Down or Blow-Up?

What’s Back of our Prison Riots?
Curling Is A Game 1213

Curling Is A Game

I ADMIRE the Scotch. They are a great and hospitable people, and they invented the game of curling. I do not believe the base calumny that curling was invented by the Dutch or the Lithuanians. No, indeed. Curling was invented by the Scotch. No other people would dream of inventing a game like curling.
The COST of Keeping Clean 89

The COST of Keeping Clean

WE SPEND a lot of money trying to keep clean. Living on a planet whose surface is chiefly mud, it would look like good business, particularly in times like these, to stop attempting the impossible, to cease trying to separate ourselves from dirt. Certainly we would save plenty of money.
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