March 15, 1935

Commencing—The Great Canadian Novel: TRACK OF DESTINY 67

Commencing—The Great Canadian Novel: TRACK OF DESTINY

ON A DULL autumn afternoon in 1880, a man past middle age stood in front of the fireplace in a first-floor sitting room in Batt's Hotel, Dover Street, London. Occasionally he glanced impatiently at the clock or stepped to the window to look out.
DEATH by the RIVER 2021


A New Kent Power, Detective, Story
Spring Round-up 1617

Spring Round-up

SLIM AND golden-skinned in the setting sun, young Miles Bigelow straightened up to watch the cows coming in on the far side of the yard to be milked. Time he was getting their feed-another chore. He followed the footpath through the lush orchard grass, arms swinging freely with the easy movement of his body.
Our Wheat Gamble 1415

Our Wheat Gamble

CANADA has a lot of wheat to sell; nearly 250,000,000 bushels, in fact. It is selling very slowly. That is a problem. Most of the wheat—more than nine out of every ten bushels—is being carried on the Government credit. That makes the problem a graver one.
On Guard 1213

On Guard

MILLICENT BLADE had a notable head of naturally fair hair; she had a docile and affectionate disposition and an expression of face which changed with lightning rapidity from amiability to laughter and from laughter to respectful interest; but the feature which, more than any other, endeared her to sentimental AngloSaxon manhood was her nose.
Beverley Baxter's STRANGE STREET 2223

Beverley Baxter's STRANGE STREET

ONE FRIDAY, late in the autumn of 1923, Lord Beaverbrook returned from Paris and asked the editors of the Sunday newspapers to do him the courtesy of meeting him. He had been travelling with his friend Bonar Law, who had been absent from his Government for some weeks on sick leave.
Britain is Building 1819

Britain is Building

THE BUSIEST trades in Great Britain are the building and house-furnishing trades. The biggest building boom that Britain has ever known is now in full swing. Houses are being built at the rate of a thousand a day. In the last twelve months, three hundred thousand houses were built.
The Old, Old Guard 1011

The Old, Old Guard

STANLEY WOODWARD, a New York hockey writer, started a terrific debate this winter when he popped up with an article to the effect that hockey is an old man's game. And he worked into his text a surprising number of names of oldish gents who are still potting around on the ponds of professional hockey.
Gerry McGeer 1819

Gerry McGeer

WHEN 25,000 Vancouver voters filed into the poling booths a few months ago and gave the biggest majority in the city's history to Gerald G McGeer, a good many of them crossed their fingers, whistled cheerfully and hoped for the best.
On the Spot! 5859

On the Spot!

IS YOUR day ruined when Mary spills fruit juice on her clean frock or someone upsets a cup of tea over your best tablecloth? Are you out of sorts when John gets grease spots on his sleeves as the tinkers with the car, or when Junior can't resist a fresh paint sign?
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