September 1, 1935

Green mantle 1415

Green mantle

Another thrilling installment of this great story of the secret service
More About Pike 3839

More About Pike

BOTH AS a moralist and a fisherman, I was greatly shocked at Mr. Beamish’s article, “The Pike is no Piker,” which appeared in your issue of July 15. How anyone who has the deep knowledge of pike nature which it is quite evident that Mr. Beamish possesses can defend, still less admire the creature, is as remarkable as it is sad.
In This Corner— Charity ! 67

In This Corner— Charity !

TOMMY ARMOUR dived from the springboard at the top of the diving platform. His body, brown to the waist, arched upon the summer sky in transitory silhouette, sundered the bright lake water with only a puddle of foam to mark the place of entrance.
The School Lunch 5051

The School Lunch

IN MY day at the Little Red School House, the standard lunch was a slicedmeat sandwich and pie affair wrapped in the cleanest piece of paper available and carried in a tin pail. There was no dearth of calories or carbohydrates, but that is about all that can be said for it.
Romance in the Air 1213

Romance in the Air

The Hammon-Fontanne flight made a great story for the newspapers but here's the story the newspapers didn't tell
Shots and Angles 2627
Shots and Angles

Shots and Angles

THIS DEPARTMENT at the moment of writing is on vacation, with nothing to remind us of the motionpicture industry except the fine three-component technicolor effect produced by nature on the lake at sundown and a week-old city newspaper advertising half a dozen pictures we are glad to have missed.
Tear Up The Treaty 1011

Tear Up The Treaty

Says (his writer: Europe will have to abandon the Versailles Treaty and write a new pact, or else-War
Brickbats and BouQuets 3839

Brickbats and BouQuets

Your magazine is most decidedly the best live cent publication in Canada or U.S. or Great Britain and I am just so loyal to it and so jealous of your reputation, particularly for accuracy, etc., that your editorial “Pull vs. Merit” in August 1st issue impels me to say you are wrong.
Mr. Shaughnessy Goes To Town 1011

Mr. Shaughnessy Goes To Town

At bat : The Montreal Royals—baseball sensation of 1935
Sculling Ace 1819

Sculling Ace

C ANADA has produced many great oarsmen; Ned Han lan, Lou Scholes, Joe Wright, Senior and Junior, and Jack Guest are only a few of the Canadian names that are writ large in the hail of sculling fame. Canada can still produce great oars men; Charles A.
In the Editor's Confidence 23
In the Editor's Confidence

In the Editor's Confidence

'HE POETS have had a lot to say about man’s inhumanity to man, but if one has ventured to put in a word about woman’s inhumanity to man, he has escaped our notice. Perhaps you read the other day of the survey taken of several hundred United States ladies whose ex-husbands languish in jail because of their inability to earn sufficient to pay alimony.
Wheat Temple 1819

Wheat Temple

HUGE, challenging and proud they stand, the fabric of dreams made real. White glistening clusters of columns, they are like Greek temples to Ceres; battleship-grey with lofty turrets, heading outward on Thunder Bay, they are symbols not of death but of life and power.
Sweet Peas 2021

Sweet Peas

War is never a laughing matter but here's a story that makes war look like the utter absurdity it really is
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