January 1, 1936

Murder at Lone Wolf

My Flights

A Pair of Kid Brothers

Murder at Lone Wolf 67

Murder at Lone Wolf

Commencing a thrilling new mystery serial

My Flights 1011

My Flights

IT WAS six minutes to nine of the last day of May, 1928. In the cabin of my old bus. the Southern Cross, three youngish men sat, their calm faces not betraying the tenseness that gripped us all. I turned to take a last look at the familiar airport of Oakland, California, that had been my home for nine weary and heartbreaking months.

A Pair of Kid Brothers 1617

A Pair of Kid Brothers

Casus belli: Was Marcia a necker or wasn’t she?—Combatants: Brother Tommy and Brother Al—Result: A riot

Senior Skip 1213

Senior Skip

Young love encounters the gr-r-r-and old game and a gr-r-r-and old hero
Fog on Fundy 2223

Fog on Fundy

Skipper Dan discovers the uses of adversity
Cariboo Cameron 2627

Cariboo Cameron

A true saga of the romantic West
What of Social Credit? 1415

What of Social Credit?

Impartial notes on the progress of Alberta’s New Prophet
Is Pro Hockey "on the level" 2425

Is Pro Hockey "on the level"

YOU WILL recall that late last March, Boston Bruins and Toronto Maple Leafs were playing a series of games to decide the National Hockey League championship. Boston had won the first contest, Toronto had taken the next two, the series would be concluded when either team obtained three victories.
Business Looks at Government 2425

Business Looks at Government

No. 3: Shall We Make a God of the State?
The City That Nickel Built 1819

The City That Nickel Built

THE BUSIEST, most prosperous, most colorful small city in Canada! That’s Sudbury, metropolis of the nickel district. The city of the full dinner-pails—thousands of them. An all-night town. The city that knew depression first and knows it no more.
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