March 15, 1936

Tarnished Heritage

The Thing To Do

Knowledge Is Power

Tarnished Heritage 2021

Tarnished Heritage

In which a captive humbles a captor, a dictator shows his claws and a woman pierces the mystery enshrouding a magnificent inheritance
The Thing To Do 67

The Thing To Do

Mystery at sea—a woman who wouldn’t talk and a man who talked too much
Knowledge Is Power 1213

Knowledge Is Power

In which a graduate of jiu jitsu, applied psychology, Diesel engineering and private "detecting" concocts a romantic comedy
A Staff Officer's Revelation: The Traqedu of Passchendaele 1011

A Staff Officer's Revelation: The Traqedu of Passchendaele

"Currie," said Haig," do you realize this is insubordination?" The Canadian Commander knew. But he refused to sacrifice his Corps unnecessarily. Here is the story of what led up to one of the most dramatic episodes of the World War; the story of the French mutiny; of the desperate effort of British troops; of 400,000 British casualties in a cesspool of hell. Colonel Bovey was a staff officer with the Canadian G.H.Q. He knows what the late General Sir Arthur Currie went through.
Junk 1617


Pop Lane, crack "hogger" of the T. C. & W., demonstrates that it’s men, not machines, which matter most
Bad Ben Kennedy 1819

Bad Ben Kennedy

Policing B. C. Series : No. 5
A Legacy of Character 2223

A Legacy of Character

CONCLUSION WHILE the bank which for several generations bore the name of Molsons was not chartered until 1855, the Molson family had been bankers many years before. The Bank of Montreal commenced business in 1817, and while the founder of the Molson family was not among its first directors, he was in 1319 a member of the larger board of the “Savings Bank,” which had its offices in the same building as the Bank of Montreal and was virtually a part of the same organization.
Backstage at Ottawa 1415

Backstage at Ottawa

IT IS AN unsophisticated House. New Members, their first session an adventure, are not yet disillusioned. Various young crusaders, heaven-kissing from the mountaintops, want things done; demand committees on the League of Nations, on international affairs, on this abstract thing and that.
A Canadian at the "Met" 1819

A Canadian at the "Met"

To Mr. Johnson, of Guelph, has been entrusted the task of sweeping the whiskers out of America's Temple of Musical Art
When Life Hung on a Needle 1415

When Life Hung on a Needle

A thrilling Arctic episode from the life of Canada’s Deputy Minister of Mines
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