July 1, 1936

Front Page Stuff 1617

Front Page Stuff

A swiftly moving romance of the North that measures its men—and its women— not by what they do but by what they are
Shots and Angles 2223

Shots and Angles

THINGS TO COME” is a huge, wonderful, fantastic spectacle film which shows civilization wiped out within the lifetime of the present generation, then restored, wrapped in Cellophane, for those of our descendants who think it worth while to survive.
Maclean’s Editorials 45
Maclean’s Editorials

Maclean’s Editorials

THE FRONT COVER of this issue of Maclean's commemorates the sixty-ninth anniversary of the proclaiming of Canada as a Dominion of united prow inces. Across the top of that same cover is a herald-line calling attention to an article on the French-Canadian nationalist movement in Quebec.
Hobby House 2021

Hobby House

Queer! Here she, a wife, was worried because there was no urge toward the man who was not her husband
Death at 7-30 1213

Death at 7-30

A strange crime is revealed when Kent Power uncovers a strange motive
Parade 4849


A TORONTO bank man who, in the days of the Klondike gold rush struck up a friendship with Robert W. Service, recently returned from a month’s visit with the poet whose Yukon ballads have earned him enough to enable him to live comfortably on a beautiful estate at Côte-du-Nord, in France.
In the Editor's Confidence 23
In the Editor's Confidence

In the Editor's Confidence

IN HIS reactions, the editor of this national publication often resembles an anxious mother. Take festivities, for example. At her darling’s birthday party, any normal mother wants the child to have a good time. Yet she knows that a seventh bottle of pop combined with a fifth plate of ice-cream is likely to result in a digestive disturbance.
Aunt Alice's Heart 67

Aunt Alice's Heart

In which the man under auntie's bed meets his match in the girl who loved the man next door
Revolt in Quebec! 1011

Revolt in Quebec!

Is there a separatist movement in Quebec? Here is a FrenchCanadian's report on “a state of mind too long bottled up"
In Fewer Words 4647
Wit and Wisdom

In Fewer Words

Good Idea In the cause of safety on the highways a chain of filling stations in the United States has put up the sign “No Intoxicated Driver Will Be Served at This Station.” Vancouver Star. Useless Feet—“The automobile will in time make our legs useless.”
Great Slave Gold Hunt 1415

Great Slave Gold Hunt

Away north of Alberta, Canada's latest gold stampede centres on Great Slave Lake
Maybe Adam Laughed at These 4647
Wit and Wisdom

Maybe Adam Laughed at These

Diplomacy—A guest of a small Southern hotel was awakened early one morning by a knock on his door. “What is it?’’ he called drowsily without getting up. “A telegram, boss,” responded a negro’s voice. “Well, can’t you shove it under the door without waking me up so early?”
Punch Golf 1819

Punch Golf

ONE OF THE hardest worked words in the golfing gal’s vocabulary these bright sunny days is “punch.” Indeed, so much is this the case, according to their critics, that right now the girls are just a little punch-drunk, the sudden headiness having been brought on by an effort to pour too much punch into their golf swings.
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