August 15, 1936


The General Died at Dawn!



The Woman in Yellow

The General Died at Dawn! 45

The General Died at Dawn!

Presenting: A Feature Novel of Mystery and Adventure in the Orient


He knew how to make love but was he capable of genuine love? That was Sara’s problem and this is the story of how she solved it
The Woman in Yellow 1819

The Woman in Yellow

A swiftly moving mystery story which proves once again that things are not always what they seem
Jib and Overalls 1011

Jib and Overalls

He was the best skipper on the lake but he had to capsize to find out which way the wind blew
Will the Maritimes Secede? 1617

Will the Maritimes Secede?

A Maritimer speaks bluntly of "a growing feeling in favor of the Maritimes walking right out of the Confederation picture"


First in frontier flying, a laggard in interurban flying, Canada now plans for flight from sea to sea
London Letter 1617

London Letter

FEW DAYS ago a cynical joke went swiftly through the smoke rooms of the House of Commons. it took the form of a bulletin which, so said the wits, would be issued by the B. B. C. that night: "Mr. Baldwin’s political life is drawing swiftly to its close.
Shots and Angles 2021

Shots and Angles

It IS CLEAR by this time that there are only two ways of looking at "Green Pastures;" you must either find it blasphemous and ridiculous or tender, humorous and deeply religious. I thought it a grand picture-meaning simply that it had grandeur of a very special kind rarely met with on the screen.
Parade 4041


BEAU BRUMMEL elegant gallant of the mauve decade, never ate vegetables, `tis said. Once. exasperated because a hostess insisted upon dwelling on the amazing fact, he expostulated, "Well, madame, I once ate a pea." Which came into our minds when we heard recently about a girl from Vienna who married one of Hamilton's solid citizens.
Commissions 23


ONE OF these days there will be a Royal Commission appointed to investigate the number, cost and value of Royal and other commissions appointed to investigate everything from glass-roofing the Great Lakes to the economic waste caused by the throwing away of the torn stubs of movie-house admission tickets.
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