August 1, 1937

Shots and Angles 3839
Wit and Wisdom

Shots and Angles

ELEPHANT BOY” is one of those rare pictures that are made to please everybody, and actually succeed in doing it. It is hard to imagine anyone who wouldn’t get some thrill of delight or excitement from this beautiful filming of Rudyard Kipling’s “Toomai of the Elephants.”
Maybe Adam Laughed at These 3839
Wit and Wisdom

Maybe Adam Laughed at These

Poor Memory—Scientist (to pharmacist): “Give me some prepared monacetic-acidester of salicylic acid.” Pharmacist: “Do you mean aspirin?” Scientist: “That’s right! I can never think of that name.”— Boy’s Life. Good News—The boxer returned to his dressing room in a state of collapse, for he had had a terrific beating in the ring.
In Fewer Words 3839
Wit and Wisdom

In Fewer Words

Distinguished Conduct—The Cavara Prize, amounting to 2,500 lire, has been awarded for this year to those eight Italian journalists who whistled at the Negus in the hall of the League of Nations. The Cavara Prize has to be awarded to a journalist who, in the course of the preceding year, has distinguished himself in literary or other accomplishments.
Youth 23
Example — Australia


THE EDITOR of Maclean's saw the Naval Review at Spithead from the deck of Britain’s newest cruiser, H.M.S. Newcastle. Among the guests on board were three Canadian schoolboys, the ship’s quota of the 160 who went over to witness the Coronation.
Frog Face 1415

Frog Face

Golden death lurking at the window—blind courage—and iron jaws
Example — Australia 23
Example — Australia

Example — Australia

TAKE a look at Australia. Reports from that country state that unemployment has fallen from the peak of 30 per cent in June, 1932, to 8.4 per cent, which is almost the normal rate. The financial position of the Commonwealth shows a marked improvement.
Is Quebec Going Fascist? 89

Is Quebec Going Fascist?

A review of the first year of Nationalist rule in French Canada
Reasons Against Communism 23

Reasons Against Communism

THERE ARE 15,000,000 small investors in Great Britain. They have $15,000,000,000 to their credit. More than 1,000,000 people are buying their homes. Since the War the building societies have lent more than $5,000,000,000. More than 2,250,000 houses have been built.
Sweden Builds Homes 1617

Sweden Builds Homes

Prefabricated houses, co-operative apartment blocks, garden cities, interest at 3/4 per cent —Sweden may have something to teach us
Silver Salmon 1213

Silver Salmon

A battle with an Atlantic silver salmon is one of fishing's greatest thrills, says


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Hello, Sucker! 89

Hello, Sucker!

An ex-ballyman discloses how the carney "rolls" a public that pays to be tooled
murder in Amber 1819

murder in Amber

In which a widow blossoms strangely, a masquerade is unmasked and a detective reads a dead man’s final hour
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