May 1, 1940

Maclean's Editorials 45
Maclean's Editorials

Maclean's Editorials

THIS is the first issue to go to press after the election, and our comment is therefore belated. But we feel we must record our award for the best piece of election reporting. It goes to Judith Robinson, of the Toronto Globe and Mail. Miss Robinson wrote: “This reporter found the Tory she was looking for, and asked the question of the day: ‘To what do you attribute the King Government’s victory?’
Wakeville, Awake! 1819

Wakeville, Awake!

With Aunt Gertrude up a tree, Mr. Scattlebee behind bars, and Penny holding the hey to the future—sleepy Wakeville’s riot season ends
Parade 5657


BEING, as we are, staunchly on the side of right, and opposed to wrong, holding always that honesty is the best policy and crime does not pay, we report with considerable satisfaction upon the disaster that befell the evil men who not long ago broke into the store of MacMillan and Livingston, in New Glasgow, N.S. The rogues pried open the cash drawer.
In the Editor's Confidence 23
In the Editor's Confidence

In the Editor's Confidence

IT WOULD have to happen on the first day to give us hope that spring might be on the way. We could actually hear the drip of melting snow. There were pools of water in the streets. We had an ear cocked to catch the first twittering of the birdies. Then it happened.
Wit and Wisdom 5455

Wit and Wisdom

Western Deficiency—Things we miss in Western Canada—Cigar store Indians, cracker barrels, chestnut trees, barefoot boys, livery stables, fly nets on horses, peg top pants, two-for-a-nickel cigars, earmuffs, life saver ropes in hotel bedrooms, pigtails on small girls, a natural complexion on the big girls.—London Free Press.
Super Sub-Hunters 67

Super Sub-Hunters

Men and science versus the U-boat —A dramatic fiction story that will thrill you with its underlying reality
What Canada Means to Me 1415

What Canada Means to Me

In Canada you say of the war, "Time is on our side" — Time is on our side only if we use it to mobilize every man and every dollar—Mrs. Forbes
War Oddities 5051
War Oddities

War Oddities

Having heard so much lately about the “new” method of marching in threes, I was interested to read the following in chapter Seventy-six of Walter Scott’s “Tales of a Grandfather.” Writing of the time of 1745, he says: “The Highlanders were familiar with a species of manoeuvring exactly suited to their own irregular tactics.
Life in a Flask 1011

Life in a Flask

Thousands of Canadians are doing their bit as donors to the nation's overseas "blood bank"
Maclean's Crossword Puzzle 4849
Maclean's Crossword Puzzle

Maclean's Crossword Puzzle

1. Mechanical device for weight-lifting. 6. “As the—was bent the tree inclines.” 9. Skyline. 10. Underground store of plant nutriment. 12. This evergreen plant provides a bitter purgative drug. 13. Germany’s name for Germany. 16. Industrial town of South Ontario.
Churchill and Chamberlain 1011
Beverley LONDON LETTER Baxter's

Churchill and Chamberlain

ONE NIGHT last week in the House of Commons there were dull and dispirited debates going on concerning the wages of agricultural laborers. Nobody disagreed with anybody else, but the old problem remained—how to build up food production here without compromising our place as supreme purchaser of foodstuffs from overseas.
South of the Border 2021

South of the Border

City of paradoxes—of colorful history, past and current —Windsor, Ontario, today is the home of more industries than most Canadians realize
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