January 1, 1941

The Government Should Practice What It Preaches 0_21
Maclean's Editorial

The Government Should Practice What It Preaches

YOU can help to beat Hitler by buying War Savings Certificates H. R. MACMILLAN, chairman of Canada’s War Requirements Board, told the Canadian Club in Toronto that: Canadians have not yet accepted the principle that this is a war to the death and that great personal sacrifices must be made by each individual before victory can be achieved.
In the Editor's Confidence 23
In the Editor's Confidence

In the Editor's Confidence

AS WE frequently explain, a magazine has to be assembled some time ahead of publication date. Therefore, the editor must make his New Year Resolutions long before other people make theirs. Usually, when we are running on schedule, by the time other people have decided on what might be their first New Year Resolution, we have not only shaped up all our New Year Resolutions, but we have had plenty of leeway in which to break them.
Parade 4041


AT A Signal Corps training camp in Ontario, three rooms were quarantined as a precaution against measles a short time ago. The boys found the confinement more than a hit boring after the first few days, and when they learned that Gladys Swarthout.

She Wrote Finis 1819

She Wrote Finis

In which a stage star’s confession throws new light on the death of Minna Lucas
Calendar of the War 1415

Calendar of the War

A concise chronological record of the breakdown of the peace and the course of the war
War Oddities 3637
War Oddities

War Oddities

Two Dollars will be paid for each War Oddity accepted and published In this column. Address contributions to War Oddities, Maclean’s Magazine, 481 University Ave., Toronto. Source of the information must be given.
Dilemma on St. Pierre 1011

Dilemma on St. Pierre

THE MAIN street of Saint Pierre is the Quai de la Roncière. One side is the harbor. The other is a row of stiff buildings unmistakably Breton, and above them the bleakest granite hills south of the Labrador. On November 13 last, pasted on a shop window in that street appeared a large proclamation in French crying, “ Habitants du Territoire! For some time there have been circulating in Saint Pierre the most extraordinary and tendentious rumors . . . Reply as I shall indicate below.”
Matter of Fact 3637
Matter of Fact

Matter of Fact

The War in 1941 89

The War in 1941

"For my part I find our prospects in this war better than I would have believed possible last June"— Reed
Pots and Pans for Airplanes 3637

Pots and Pans for Airplanes

ALUMINUM is a vital necessity in the building of airplanes. It is extracted from bauxite, and bauxite is found mostly in Southern France, now under Nazi domination; and that is why the women of Britain are turning in their aluminum pots and kettles.


ONDON (By Air Mail. Delayed.)"The melancholy days are here the saddest of the year.” Who wrote those words which we used to singsong at Harbord Street Collegiate Institute, Toronto, in the dear dead days of long ago? Whoever it was, he must have lived in England during that salubrious month.
Maclean's Crossword Puzzle 3031
Maclean's Crossword Puzzle

Maclean's Crossword Puzzle

Backstage at Ottawa 89

Backstage at Ottawa

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