February 15, 1941

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Maclean’s Editorials

Maclean’s Editorials

Cancellation of Bren Contract. SINCE Maclean's published the article which resulted in the appointment of a Royal Commission to investigate the Bren gun contract, this magazine has been the object of a great deal of hysterical political abuse.

The Calendar 2021

The Calendar

That Bren Gun Contract
An Independent View 2021

An Independent View

That Bren Gun Contract
As If It Matters 45

As If It Matters

MARGARET LEE RUNBECK HE SEES Julie Sayre through the glass door, where the twittering cruise passengers are waiting to come before him to be placed at tables for the voyage. She is the first bright sight in the long queue of middle-aged couples and vivacious spinsters.
Parade 5253


RETURNING from a downtown shopping foray in Toronto, a weary and harassed mother, festooned with bundles and accompanied by her small son—somewhere around eight years old—struggled into a crowded street car. The little lad squeezed himself into a corner.
In the Editor's Confidence 23

In the Editor's Confidence

A FEW weeks ago, Canadians listening to a BBC news broadcast from London, noticed that the announcer fumbled a word, hesitated a second (a most unusual occurrence), and then, in his usual calm, assuring voice resumed the reading of the report.
School Goes to Camp 1819

School Goes to Camp

SHOULD the time arrive when we need a slogan to buck up voluntary recruiting. Ottawa might do worse than try: “Free Education With Every Enlistment.” An educational movement, more ambitious in its aims and far wider in its scope than any previous similar effort, has now been in progress for more than a year, and is beginning to acquire such form and substance that it may wind up with the Royal Canadian Navy, the Canadian Active Service Forces, and the Royal Canadian Air Force, taking rank as the most scholarly war machine the world has ever known.
Sweet and Low 1213

Sweet and Low

Up the scale from one-night stands to a top rating in the national dance-band field is the story of Mart Kenney and his Westerners
Wit and Wisdom 5051

Wit and Wisdom

In Fewer Words
Timber 1415


In all the spectacular history of Canada’s forests there never has been such a flood of timber production as there is today. Reason—The War
Maybe Adam Laughed at These 5051

Maybe Adam Laughed at These

Small Portion—The patient was recovering from pneumonia. He had asked repeatedly for food and finally the nurse served him a mere spoonful of rice. A few moments later the patient called her and said: “Now I want to read a little. Bring me a postage stamp.”—Reader’s Digest.
This is London Calling 89

This is London Calling

THIS IS London Calling! Night after night all through Canada, people sit and listen to the voice of a British Broadcasting Corporation announcer, thousands of miles away in London, bringing the day’s news to them from a city deluged in war.


CONCLUSION BE THE outlook ever so gloomy, the world always looks a little better when one has had a good night’s sleep. Mr. Kelsey had lost his job, he was low in funds, he was a stranger in a strange land. And his only salvation lay in a bed of pain in the Prairie Dog hospital.
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