November 15, 1941

The Captain Lays An Egg 1415

The Captain Lays An Egg

SHE CAME creeping into the East Coast port at early evening—past the boom, past the officious guard ship and the sniffing, terrierlike destroyers, under the guns with which cliffs and coast line bristled—a scandal, a ragamuffin civilian blotch and blemish upon the trim, hard face of the war.
"V" as in Florida 1011

"V" as in Florida

THE FRIENDLY Old Gentleman with The Whiskers beckoned across the Atlantic, saying —"Come on over, boys; we’ll start you off.” And so, during the summer of 1941, the vanguard of hundreds of Royal Air Force fledglings embarked from British ports for the treacherous Atlantic crossing to arrive in Halifax and later in Toronto, there to be shunted south of the border for their first steps in becoming the fighter and bomber pilots of tomorrow.
In the Editor's Confidence 23
In the Editor's Confidence

In the Editor's Confidence

SO FAR as this continent is concerned, any thesis on Headaches for Town Planners undoubtedly would devote considerable space to Toronto. To town planners Toronto is multiplied migraine. Decade after decade, with plans and eloquence, they have striven to get the city sorted out, provide breathingspace squares, eliminate traffic bottlenecks, widen thoroughfares, zone business and residential areas and whatnot.
Concerto for clarinet 89

Concerto for clarinet

ONLY the concerto. PINKY FLYNN Pinky Flynn and Merry learned knew of of it inadvertently, but Harv Elannen, himself, told Merry before he married her. It was the summer Pinky Flynn’s band was playing in the Mountain Room of the Glacier Lake Chalet.
Glorious Phoenix 45

Glorious Phoenix

NOT was UNTIL the detonation the very of early dynamite days of this heard year in London, to announce a major operation hy Royal Engineers along the technique of fighting a forest fire. But the dire sound, as the achievements of centuries perished, awakened little actual horror.
I Went to See Senator Wheeler 1213

I Went to See Senator Wheeler

THIS IS Washington, the shrine of American freedom, that fair city set upon the banks of the Potomac and dedicated to the proposition, more or less, that all men are born free and equal. This is Washington, the most courted city in the world, for is it not the heart of the U.S.A., the last great and rich neutral?
This Our Enemy 1213

This Our Enemy

WHEN WE think of Hitler's menace to the United States we are usually thinking of the Germany Army and Navy, but I am going to discuss the revolutionary ideas of German National Socialism and their impact upon our society. National Socialism is an authentic world revolution.
In Person 89

In Person

WHEN For Clarinet” Marion Greene she had wrote never “Concerto heard of her Toronto fellow citizen, Bob Farnon. Yet Bob might have been her inspiration for Harv Elannen, clarinet-playing hero of the story on this page. Known to thousands as one of “The Happy Gang,” a group who make noon hours merry with music and gags over CBC’s national network, trumpetplayer Bob Farnon’s big ambition was to write serious music.
Vitamins for Your Dollar 0_21

Vitamins for Your Dollar

AS THIS issue of Maclean’s goes to press, full details of the wage and price control measure, and of the machinery to enforce it, are not available. Judging from the Prime Minister’s statement, it is no half-way policy, but an all-out effort to avert the otherwise inevitable waterspout of inflation—the first effort of its kind in the economic history of non-totalitarian states.
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