January 15, 1945

Do We Want to be a Silent Partner? 0_21

Do We Want to be a Silent Partner?

ANSWERING questions during the British parliamentary debate on the Government’s policy in Greece, Prime Minister Churchill said, “The Dominions Secretary informs me we have received from the dominion governments no indication that they dissent from the action we have been compelled to take.”
In the Editor's Confidence 23
In the Editor's Confidence

In the Editor's Confidence

BY THIS time you surely have heard about the Great Toronto Blizzard, which caught us during the preparation of this issue. If not, sooner or later you will meet a Torontonian who will tell you all about it. So far as we’re concerned, its worst feature was the Composing Room’s Hamish, one of a small company of stalwarts who, at the height of the storm, managed to get to work.
Hush-Hush Science War 45

Hush-Hush Science War

ON THE bank of a smallish river in central Canada an old scow with a little shack on it is moored to a dilapidated wharf. It doesn’t look like much—you’d expect, in summer, to see a couple of fishermen dangling lines off it, or a swarm of children swimming.
Are Churches Free In Russia? 67

Are Churches Free In Russia?

A FEW months ago, along with other world press correspondents in Russia, I was invited to visit the Old Believers Convent just outside the town of Botoshani, Romania, then recently occupied by the Red Army. We were driven through the lovely rolling countryside of northern Romania, then through a quaint ancient village.
Everybody Does 89

Everybody Does

IT WAS nearly five when Sally Haines got home. She climbed the four steps slowly to the generous porch, in no hurry since there was nothing to go in the house for. She would not have come home yet save that the drugstore had finally been emptied of the high school crowd so that she was left alone.
Dames at Desks 1011

Dames at Desks

WELL, girls, it looks as though we're getting the push again. Straws in the wind? How about the demobilization of the Women's Division of the RCAF, married women first? How about Civil Service job ads, in which the little post script, "Preference will be given to a qualified male applicant," is frequently added to advertisements for jobs, male or female?
Last Act For Franco 1011

Last Act For Franco

PERPIGNAN, Franco-Spanish Frontier (By Cable)—Fascism in Spain is dying—it is dying surely and in silent agony as though a garrote, turned by a cruel and cunning executioner, were slowly tightening around its neck. The end cannot be far off.


EVERYBODY dreads an anaesthetic! Well—not quite everybody. I know a woman who neither drinks nor smokes, but enjoys an anaesthetic so much that her friends jokingly accuse her of getting drunk on ether. Actually, the habit of going on ether jags 100 years ago did lead to the use of this compound for anaesthesia, but that is another story.
Speaking of Canada... 1213

Speaking of Canada...

IT WAS Mr. McFadden who started it. Mr. McFadden runs a lecture bureau in the United States. He said, “Throughout the middle and southwestern States there is a lot of interest in Canada. The people admire Canadians, but they don’t know very much about your country or what it actually has done in this war.


STRANGE things happened today in the Palace of Westminster, strange yet familiar things which took on new meanings. It was the opening of the ninth session of this long-lived Parliament which was elected in 1935, this fateful Parliament which was to swear allegiance to three sovereigns, which was to direct or misdirect the destiny of civilization during the years of bewilderment, and which was, eventually, to declare war upon Germany.
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